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The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Works for Me Wednesday: Shoe Organization

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Shoes have been a large problem at our house for years. We do not wear shoes in the house. A rule from so long ago, I am not sure when it started. It is great on carpets and general cleanliness in the house. However, with ten people going in and out ... our garage looks like this:

I have tried various ways to keep this area neat, all to no avail.   The latest is to have a "round up" person assigned to shoes. At the end of the evening I call Round Up and everyone is assigned to an area to straighten up for the night. It worked, for 5 minutes ... or if we went to bed really fast, it would last until the morning.

We have discussed these shoes for literally years. Recently I told my husband that I have looked at large families organization ideas and I see that they use baskets for a lot of things. "I am going to get 10 baskets for shoes. One for each family member."

He told me he had a better idea. He went to the barn with Braydon and Ricky and together they built beautiful wooden boxes. I just wrote each person's name on a box.  And now ...

Shoe "boxes" -- they definitely work for me.


hsmominmo said...

Love this! Looks like a system that will work really well.

My husband and son built a closet/cubby with a shelf for each person right inside the door . So nice to have a place where they can easily dump there shoes right where they take them off.

Googeg Tribe said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment.
Everyone must need a dumping zone. These boxes have been working like a dream. The garage is always tidy.

NaturalMomto11 said...

Ooooh....please give me the directions for building those boxes! Lovely!