The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Traveling the World

Every week I wait for an email or skype call from Taiwan. Early Friday morning I was excited to hear from the Philippines and on Sunday night we heard from Yap Island.

Yes, Riane is becoming quite the world traveller. She is spending this year in Taiwan as I wrote about in this post. For her winter break from teaching she has an opportunity to visit family on Yap Island.

Jerome is originally from Yap Island and six years ago we had the grand privilege of taking two weeks to visit.  It was the visit of a lifetime and we loved every minute of it. Due to the cost of travelling half way around the world, we weren't sure when or if we would ever go again. We are so thankful that Riane will indeed get to do this again.

Just to give you a flavor of where she is going I will include some pictures of our trip six years ago -- when we only had four children:

The first site -- the view out of the airplane window. Of course, if you are on the other side of the plane it looks really scary, like you are descending into the ocean.  The island is small -- 48 square miles.
I took this picture off the Internet, just to say Riane will be spending quite a bit of time at Manta Ray Bay Hotel. It is owned by her Uncle and Aunt (Jerome's Sister). Beautiful, Beautiful place. If you want to see great pictures of Yap click here to visit their website.
I know Riane is staying at an Uncle and Auntie's house that we stayed at -- and this is the view off the back deck. I had my morning coffee there every single morning.

Although Yap welcomes tourists and there are many things to do -- tourists are not allowed in the villages or on the private beaches. So walking on the beach will look at lot like this:

There is really stone money there just like you read about in the encyclopedia or could possibly see behind glass at the Smithsonian.
Traveling with family can involve a lot of people.
I am so sad that this picture does not do justice to what we really saw there -- the water is so blue it looks like a swimming pool -- it IS the ocean.
The most important and exciting thing that Riane is having the opportunity to do is to renew and strengthen relationships that have stretched due to time and distance.  These are all the cousins on the day we left 6 years ago.

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