The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ridin' the Rolly

Every year Jerome's work place hosts a family day at King's Island. The entry fee is super super low. Our family always goes. I figure once a year at an amusement park is enough and it is really the only way we can afford to go with a family our size. So once again we were gearing up for the big day. All of sudden it was like a rock rolling down hill, things just kept going faster and faster. It ended up being one great blast of a weekend, but I seriously don't think we could have fit in one more activity.

First, Braydon discovered that if you arrive early you could participate in a 5K. He was very interested and persistently kept Jerome moving (pun intended). Ricky decided to join in too and was always very loyal to stay right by Dad's side. To make it to the race we had to leave home at 5:30am. It was early, but we also got preferred parking. It was great.

Ready to run.
Cheering them on.
The Big Finish!
Braydon 33 out of 683 runners. Not bad for his first 5K.
Ricky 259th
Jerome 262nd.
It was so exciting. They want to do it again! We were so proud.
As great and exciting as the 5K was -- that was not really the start of our big weekend. A few days before, we got a call from one of Jerome's brothers (Joe) who lives in Washington state. He was going to be in the area for a work related training and could just make a visit for that weekend. He agreed to go to King's Island with us and we couldn't wait to see him. So the families here got together every moment we could; Anthony and Jerome hadn't seen Joe in 20 years. The rest of us had never met him. It was whirlwind, but it was fabulous.
Before a weekend of this magnitude there's nothing to do but throw on your apron and bake cookies.
Then, fire up the grill.
Joe, Anthony and Jerome
The first meeting. Isaiah's a little shy of new people -- slow to warm up I guess you could call it.
Hanging out at King's Island with their "new" uncle.
After all the thrill rides we stopped off at our favorite Chinese Restaurant. We didn't arrive home from it all until after midnight.
It sure was a roller coaster of a weekend, but we would not have missed the adventure for the world!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And so we labored ...

For our labor day this year ... we labored!  It was hot and humid; the work was long and tiring and we were so thankful the rain held off and everything was completed. It was a good day.

We have received many blessing this year:

A friend let us pick all the apples we wanted for the promise of an apple pie. These were all peeled, cored, cut and frozen a couple of weeks ago, but Labor Day afforded me the time to bake 3 pies.
Now we are on to the tomatoes. The garden has been producing well. I have been freezing the cherry tomatoes and here is another basket ready to go. While I was freezing, Mary and Adela harvested the rest of the ripe Romas.
Set up for processing. Adela, Mary, Wokelle and I skinned and cored all that we could get. Jerome will be canning tomorrow.
The big job of the day:
Installing two new windows.
We knew there were problems with the original windows, but we didn't know how extensive until Jerome ripped into them.
Uh-oh a lot of ripping and some new wood.

Mighty men on the job.

Lunch break -- a picnic outside.

Checking the final work.
By the end of the day they finished both windows.
Working together as a family has taught us so many wonderful lessons and drawn us so much closer. The work is not always fun, but the team is terrific.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Serving the Lord and Living the Dream

Riane came home from her two months serving at IBLP in Chicago to prepare to leave for Taiwan to Teach English as a Second Language.

She just had two weeks at home. Enough to unpack, figure out what she might need and re-pack. We did get a lot into her two weeks.
The whole family went out to a county fair --
To serve at our church's fair ministry.

Amidst the fun, Riane was shopping and packing, and we were all making decisions big and small-- Do you need the Japanese Encephalitis shot? How much bug spray should you pack? Also, taking care of getting her teeth cleaned (NO we did not pull all 4 wisdom teeth the week before her flight!)

We made time for a family cook out:


And so . . .

The picture ...

The hugs ...

And she's gone.

The reports out of Taiwan have been amazing. We are so grateful for laptops, email and Skype!  She is loving her new life, enjoying her teammates and absolutely adored her first day of teaching.  Striking out on a Great Adventure with God is always so exciting. When you live by faith it doesn't matter where you are as long as you are Serving the Lord, you are Living the Dream.