The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

God Writes the Adventure Story

These past few months have been an exercise in riding the adventure with God. We have made a lot of plans. However, God has faithfully directed our steps. We really wanted to go to an ATI conference, but we weren't sure how our new lovelies would handle a conference vacation. Then their adoption finalization date was set right for the middle of the conference. Yes, Lord, you answered that question. We took a Smoky Mountain trip instead.

The plan of having Riane's graduation party in July was rushed up to May -- before the Smoky trip -- right after the adoption. We thought July would be great; after the rush of other's parties and plenty of time for us to be out of the regular school routine to just work on the preparations. In researching her plans and applications for the Fall, she (and us) prayerfully decided Plan B should be Plan A and shortly after that Smoky trip she flew off to Chicago to work at the IBLP headquarters. It turned out to be a great experience for her. We were praising God for directing Riane's steps.

We were discussing our ideas for her to visit us during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. We also planned a visit for us to take up to Chicago to see her. Jerome could only get enough days off for the first weekend in August. We were set to leave on a Thursday. She called the week before our trip and told us that she got another call for Plan A. We thought her application had been pulled when she made her decision in June. Again we went to prayer. In one accord we agreed that indeed this time was right and she should now accept. She made the call. She is now in the TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) program for Taiwan. She will be teaching in the public school systems in Nantou, Taiwan.

Now our trip in August was perfect timing again. The plans we had for a visit were now steps to pack her out and prepare for her imminent (end of August) flight out to Taiwan. The ministry was able to hand deliver her visa to us before we left. Of course we have just enough time at home to re-connect, plan her vital appointments and say Goodbye for a year.

I am learning with a grateful heart, that when I prayerfully make plans, and lay them at the throne, God will write one great adventure!

Before we took off to Illinois we wanted to support something we believe in: The right to hold and express a Biblical Worldview:

Excitement was high --

Lines were long -- we sent out runners.

It was a great night.

We left for Chicago and were so grateful for the wonderful house IBLP allowed us to stay in for the weekend.

A roomy house with a huge yard. There were more beds than people!

Together again; the kids first few moments with Riane.

Riane took us on a tour of the headquarters where she has been working. She was mostly assigned to a hotel that is being renovated. Her sewing experience came in very handy. Her bosses were very sweet and very welcoming to us as we wandered through.

Mary checking out the model room.

We toured the unfinished kitchen. All my pictures were too dark except this one which includes this industrial mixer. I loved that mixer!

Riane showed us how the hotel can press things with this machine. It was so interesting to see all the inner workings of a large hotel.

After the hotel we headed over the Headquarters of the ministry. Again, after 6 years in ATI it was great to see where it all happens. Like the printing room.

All those Wisdom Booklets hot off the press.

All of it was fascinating -- even the attic library.

Riane showed us her favorite walking place by an old mill.

Then we headed to lunch at the staff center where we were able to meet some more co-workers and friends. Including a very nice chat with the author of this book:

We ended our evening having pizza and time with some of Riane's friends.

The next day, we spent seeing just a little of the city.

We took a train.

To see the Sears tower -- Now called the Willis tower. Views were fantastic. Since our last visit, they have installed see through ledges.

It's intimidating --

For me too, but I was determined to push through

Mary and I enjoyed it after all!

It was fast and furious and before you knew it -- it was time to say goodbye.

And the adventure continues

A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

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