The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4H, Fun, Friends and Food

I went into this summer figuring that I would have structure time for a lot of my kids. Some do not thrive on easy, breezy days, but need structure. So, I had plans. However, this summer has been full to the gills. I am so glad that we turned down some activities!

The older children were active in their 4H shooting sports club. They tribe + the cousins showed up for fair judging day.

Participating and doing well in shooting sports is a great learning experience, but judging is another affair. You have to present a project, dress professionally, and be able to speak well and maintain eye contact.

Mary presented in the morning and I forgot to send the camera with Jerome.  I thought they all did a great job -- Mary and Adela qualified to go to the State Fair. They had to decline because we will be out of town.

We ended up spending one day at the County fair.  First we had to stop and see the booth for their club.

County Fairs and such are brand new things to Heaven and Isaiah.

After one meltdown -- it was fun.

We had friends come and stay for a few days.

Braydon has decided he wants to try running a 5K (for FUN??!)  Jerome and Ricky decided to join him. For training they all took off for a run the other day.

Braydon easily came cruising in first.

He turned around and ran back to join his Dad.

Whew! He made it.

This weekend we are heading out to Chicago to visit Riane -- There is a whole blog post behind her story, but I will post that soon.

In true Tribe style, we can not just pack and leave on a trip. Mary and I had Dr.'s appointments and the harvest waits for no man.  Not to mention Jerome servicing the car and the tire going out on the lawnmower in the process. The kids were good natured and many hands always make the work light.

Last night they were chopping and freezing cabbage, onions and green peppers.

Today they were canning potatoes while Braydon caught up on the mowing.

I worked on packing.

Oh, and of course .... We celebrated Ricky's birthday ... he is turning 12 tomorrow when we will be on the road.

Blueberry Cheesecake!

It's been a season full of activity, but rich in love and fellowship.

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