The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Friday, June 15, 2012

Reckless Abandon

In the life of a saint there is the moral originality which springs from abandonment to Jesus Christ. The saint realises that it is God Who engineers circumstances, consequently there is no whine, but a reckless abandon to Jesus.

Oswald Chambers

Reckless I pretty much understand, but I long for "no whine" and "abandon". I am working on these. Right now we have been through a lot of pretty major circumstances in a very short period of time -- and I do agree indeed that God engineered everyone of them.

We adopted. Riane Graduated. We went on vacation. Riane left. I'm spent!

Vacation was a family trip to the Smokies. It was not as relaxing as some vacations. First off, we knew that Riane was launching off as soon as we got home and will we have more vacations with ALL of us together?  Maybe ...  but it is not a given. They are all growing.

Secondly, our newest additions were totally freaked out ... to put it mildly. The reckless abandon Oswald Chambers talks off requires a total trust. Something we do not yet have with our youngest.

Heaven and Isaiah had never been on vacation. They had been to respite. They had been from one placement to another. They had done pre-placement visits. They had done a lot of things, but they had never taken a vacation. They could only imagine that this family they were getting used to was dumping them. So, emotions were running high and we got some looks like these...

The best thing to do, is go on vacation. You just do it. Noah did not defend himself to all of his naysayers, he just finished the ark. No amount of words would change their fear, but going all the way through to the other side will show what we mean.

Some things you can only learn while

Climbing rocks.

Climbing big stumps.

Hanging out in old cabins.

and, plenty of swimming at the condo.

This world can seem pretty crazy ....

Sometimes you run for the hills and look up . . .

Sometimes you climb so far up you can stand in the clouds.

Every day is a crazy adventure.

Before you know it, holding on turns into ...

Letting go.

In the end... we hope to learn total trust in the Lord and enjoy the reckless abandon of the adventure.