The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Deep Waters

I have to say that I have been a little overwhelmed and so busy living and doing in my life, that I haven't made time to write at all.  My kids always remind me of a quote from "Night at the Museum" which says "We're Americans, we don't think -- we do!" We have been doing.

We had a wonderful Christmas and after Christmas made it to the Creation Museum for the Live Nativity. Yes, it was after the celebration of the Nativity, but it was still right and good to go. The kids were amazed at the beautiful lights in the garden and all of the scenes of a real live Nativity. Afterwards they got to ride a camel.

Spontaneously, we called Jerome's brother and took his family with us.

Quite a crew on a chilly night.

Camel Rides.

On the way home was interesting. One of our children became quite carsick. We thought this child just needed a little air until we could stop at the rest area. We rolled the window down a crack and NO! What the child meant was I need to be sick now. Consequently . . . it was a mess . . . one we were still cleaning up the next day. Always an adventure.

After Christmas, we had the lovely Quick ladies stop in for a visit and it was Christmas all over again.

We LOVE these ladies.

Before I knew it my oldest boy turned fifteen.

A little powdered sugar makes quite an effect a candle blowing time!

Thanks Grandma!

In the midst of all these wonderful, reportable events there has been much behind the scenes. We have children who are struggling with school, struggling with authority, some moving from adjustment in a new family to testing the boundaries. We have even had spiritual turmoil. Not to mention some physical issues -- like a dislocated kneecap and physical therapy. You know, physical therapy looks suspiciously like exercise! I am thankful for the rolling waters in our life. Rolling waters, questioning, searching, praying with all our might means that we are living life deep and deep is good.