The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It is amazing how family traditions build up. Here we have hit the holidays and I haven't updated the blog since early November. We have been running in this house. A lot of it to fulfill great things that we consider traditions for this season. Traditions often keep us busier than we are used too.

I am thinking more about our traditions as a family since we are adding our little songbird and preacher man to the mix. It is an interesting thing to see what you have "always done" through the eyes of new ones.

We have cheesecakes we bake for friends, the Jesse Tree, New ornaments and Santa pictures to name a few. Here's the thing about new eyes -- they want to know the why. Why are you baking? Why so many -- when can we eat it? I keep telling them this is our season for giving -- I hope I can get enough done for us to have one, but these we are working on for others. Santa they got -- but we took the picture today and now they want to know if Christmas is tomorrow!

We kicked off our season with a full production of The Messiah at a beautiful Mennonite church in Indiana. Songbird thought the lady had a pretty big violin -- I whispered "No sweetie, that's a Cello." She was exasperated and said, "That ain't no Jello!"

We also have all survived the big Googeg family shopping trip. We give our kids money each year to buy what they really want for Christmas. Living in such a small town limits our shopping opportunities. On that day we take them to Cincinnati -- to any store they ask for and we WAIT patiently for everyone to do their thing. It may sound crass to be looking forward to shopping, but we are all together hanging out and listening to everyone's interests and likes. At the end of it all we eat a good dinner -- at a real restaurant. A funny tradition I wasn't sure our new little ones would get -- picking out their own special toy or two and wrapping it themselves for Christmas -- but they went right along with the flow and had a great day.

We participated in our family night program at church:

The anticipation was building in the car. Unfortunately, I had a new camera and couldn't figure out all the settings, so I don't have many pictures from this night.

Even that night has traditions -- even a new one:

Wokelle's first year at this church Mrs. C sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with him. She would like to sing it with him every year... she told him when she called him up to the stage.

Sometimes it is just hard to sit still that long.

I am still working on Christmas cards (I know!) and my wrapping is not done, but in the midst of traditions life has stepped in too.

The men in our family have built a new bunk bed for two of our ladies.

It was a real team effort.

And it turned out sweet.

Much more woodworking is happening in that old barn. I think we will know the full story on December the 25th.

I have been having some pain in my knee -- just in time for all that shopping. Today I found out that I have a dislocated kneecap. The Dr. keeps asking me if I can remember injuring it -- Nope -- lots of activity in this house... must have went right by me. So somewhere in the middle of it all I will get to do physical therapy.

As our children keep asking "Why" I hope I am getting Christ through to them. Traditions tie us together and serve as markers for us, but should never replace the worship of Christ.

"Why Mommy?" Because Jesus was born for you.

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