The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seat Assignments

We have a Ford Excursion as our family car. It seats 9. We have a conversion van as a second vehicle. It seats 7. There are now 10 people in our family. As we went into this last adoption we knew that we could potentially have a seating problem. However, we did not know if we would have one or two children. So we could not make a purchase until we knew for sure. One more child would still fit in our SUV. When we received the news that Songbird and Preacher Man would be joining our family we had to make a decision. A new car was out of our budget so we decided to buy an extra seat for our SUV. I had never heard of one before, but it is made by a company called Little Passenger Seats.

Since each one is custom made -- we had to wait about 10 weeks. We have been driving two cars when the whole family travels together. Two cars to Kings Island in September and two cars to church every single week.

Finally, a rather plain box showed up on our porch.

I was doing the happy dance all day.

A little work from Jerome and Braydon:

And... it was in!

Made to exactly match the interior of our car and it has headrests and seat belts.

The three were very excited to try out their new place.


They're in! Now our car seats 12.

The great thing is they can not open this door by themselves from the inside. So they must wait for a parent or older sibling to let them out. They cannot just get excited and jump out into a parking lot unattended. I worry about these things.

Ahhh. and the Lord's timing is so good, because this is the current state of our second vehicle:

New fuel pump coming soon.

Just a side note: This was completely my own opinion on having purchased  a Little Passengers Seat -- I did not receive any compensation. But I am very happy!


Little Passenger said...

This is Michelle, the office manager at Little Passenger Seats.
I loved your post...Thanks so much for the plug!! I posted a link to your story on our facebook page.
Thanks again! Michelle

Christi said...

This is a wonderful thing you found. I will tell my friend about it. (I think they have an excursion...)

What a blessing.

Tyra Shortino said...

The bench is a great idea! It's so nice to have handymen around the house. These boys enjoyed their seats, eh? This makes road trips with your lovely family more fun!

LORi said...

We have 6 children...all from God, all blessings but 3 biological and 3 He blessed us with when they needed a safe and loving home. We just learned of these seats today. We are prayerfully considering purchasing one. Thank you for your post and for what you do for these children. Blessings - LORi BOYD