The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, August 8, 2011

State Fair, Visit and Home Church

This whole summer has been so busy and eventful. Maybe it is what some would call a watershed summer. I know I am tired; but it is a good tired.

We started off another big weekend with the Ohio State Fair on Friday. We caravaned with another family two hours away to Columbus. Here we are circling the chairs to camp out for the judging. Riane and Braydon's shooting sports projects had made it to state.

15 minutes before their assigned times they must stand in a big line and sign in for judging.

Right away Riane was up and discussing the finer points of shotgun shooting with her judge.

Sometimes that wait for your judge can be long and lonely.

Finally, time to discuss the rifle.

They didn't win any special awards at State, but the experience was awesome.

When this official part was over we went to enjoy the rest of the fair. We walked through a lot of displays and even across the midway (interesting!).

We eventually ended up in the Ohio Department of Natural Resources section which was awesome.

We toured a log cabin.

Walked through a garden of Ohio Native Plants:

And were diggin' up bones:

We drove the two hours home so that early in the morning we could drive 4 hours to visit with our new children. We took a picnic to the park and spent the afternoon together. Unfortunately, there was a golf classic in town and no motels were available, so we drove the 4 hours back home.  The visit was wonderful and we can't wait to have our children with us forever. I will be protecting their privacy as best I can until all the legal t's are crossed -- so no pictures or names.  We will have a some visits at our house the next two weeks and then plan on a final placement the end of August. We are so excited!

After all that we were physically, and emotionally drained. We decided to spend the entire day at home on Sunday. Jerome chose a sermon video that we own and he set up the basement like our own home church.

You can see the framing on the right where Jerome and Braydon are building Braydon's new room. I couldn't believe how much rest we actually needed. 10 minute Mama slept a LOT on Sunday.

After all of this running Jerome and I were discussing the arrival of children #7 and #8. We looked at each other and knew that this is likely it. We are about to have a full family. We have started to exhale....

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missusmechanic said...

I can't wait to "meet" the new ones! It looks like you had an exciting weekend!

Are you in Ohio? My bil and sil live up there! We need to go see them and stop by and see you guys.