The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In the Midst

I feel so caught in the midst of it all.

The Bible Bee competition is coming soon and we are completing our study, but I feel that we aren't particularly competition ready.

Jerome's brother is very ill, but half a world a way. The first thing we do every morning is pray for him and check the e-mail for updates. It weighs.

Our adoption is proceeding and we have 8 children in our home this week -- eight! I am still trying to say that without stuttering. Adding new children is always an adjustment for ALL involved and we are working our way through it. However, this is considered a visit. They will go back to their foster family and we will start adjusting again when they are placed for real.

School is looming. Our summer break has been longer than usual and it makes me antsy. To top it off, I haven't done any substantial planning. The kids aren't starting any new books right off, so we know where we are and how it works, but I would like a laid out plan.

Jerome is building a brand new room in our house (for Braydon) and it consumes all time at the house. It must if we are to finish it soon.

Our rental house is rented by a tentative tenant. We know they are leaving and the date is coming soon.

Now, this probably sounds like I just wrote my own pity party list. For each one of those items I could list blessing after blessing:

No, due to a lot of interesting family challenges we have not been as diligent with Bible Bee study as I am sure we could have been. However, we spent the entire summer inductively studying a chapter of the Bible together and memorizing verses. Amazing.

Jerome's brother is very ill, but we have truly experienced the peace of God that passes all understanding. We have prayed fervently and we hear that others have been meeting and praying together. We sincerely pray for his healing and for the will of God in his life, but we rejoice in the lifting of the Lord's name by so many.

Well, adoption, easy... how could two children not be a blessing. However, the sweetest sight has been watching my older children take on and love two new children. They have just opened their arms and brought them in.

School is coming, but the Lord is teaching me (Miss Chaos) how to develop priorities (nope I never got it!) Things are beginning to move forward -- in an appropriate time, as I learn to not stress over the undone, can't get done stuff and learn to just keep chugging on the next important thing.

Jerome is building a brand new room -- and it is time consuming. Watching him build it with Braydon and Ricky at his side -- tool belts and all is a precious thing. It will be an unforgettable time in their lives.

Our little house -- we always called it the education house -- because WOW we have received one extreme education by owning it. True, timing is short on this tenant, but the Lord has always provided and I can rest in that.

In the midst is a great "God-spot" to be. In the calm times of life, God is still there because we know he never changes, but we almost have to work hard to see him working because we are humming along. Not so the midst -- it's a busy, fast-paced place and God's hand is right out there everywhere you turn. I have been amazed at the things he is teaching me. Can you believe that he would time everything like this because he wants me to get something new? According to 1 Peter, God wants to perfect, stablish and strengthen me.
He is going to keep perfecting me, set my feet in stone and make me strong enough to take it.

I love verse John 20:19. This a great midst of it all verse. Jesus had been crucified and the disciples were huddled in a room scared out of their minds I am sure. If they had killed Jesus might they come for them? Why did Jesus die anyway? Where is their savior? The scripture says "...when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews..." They gathered themselves together and locked the doors.  And then..."came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you."  He didn't call the disciples to step outside -- he stepped straight into their midst and declared peace.

Sometimes, I am just scared out of my mind too. Where is God in all of this? Why is he timing it this way? Why isn't he healing/fixing/delivering or just plain doin' it my way? I want to check out of everything on the calender lock my doors and stay home. And then, Jesus doesn't call me out of my list of midst - he just steps right into the middle of all and says "Peace be unto you."

In the midst of it all God is at work and God is declaring peace.

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Richardson Family said...

Someone told me everything happens at once so your grief/anxiety/stress can be divided. If they happened all in a row we could never get a break. You have amazing faith, it is inspiring. Wish I was close to come by for a chat, know we are thinking of you.