The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Match . . .

In my last post I indicated that our family was being considered for two children. I had a long talk with the children's social worker. Actually, I had two. One was more of an interview, and the second was my confirmation that we had reviewed a package of information and definitely wanted to proceed. She seemed pleased with our family and told me that this case was going to a "matching conference" on Thursday.

A matching conference is when a committee gets together and discusses the possible matches of children and families. I didn't ask if they were considering other families I was just glad that she was going to present our family. She promised to call me Thursday after the matching conference.

I waited, hoping, expectantly (pun intended) for that phone call. At 4:00pm my adoption agency called and said the worker had to leave her office, but the agency was allowed to notify me that our family was chosen as a match for these two children. Excitement just abounded at our house.

Unfortunately, this being a public forum and no papers being signed yet -- it would not be appropriate for me to share any information that would breach confidentiality. I will say that we have one picture and that we will be meeting them next week.

How the process proceeds from here is still not clear; right now we are rejoicing and next week we will start figuring out the next steps.


Benji & Amy said...

PTL!! I hope all goes well with the meeting! I can't wait to meet your new additions(I'm sure you guys can't either)!

Richardson Family said...

WOW, this all seems fast to me. Congrats, can't wait to hear more.