The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bible Bee Practice

I have mentioned before that our family is participating in the National Bible Bee this year. We attended a Bible Bee practice this Saturday. We have to travel about an hour and half for this event, but it is a privilege indeed.

The kids have been working hard on memorizing many scriptures. During the actual Bible Bee they will be competing in an oral round.

Here Wokelle is doing his part with Dad as his judge. Wokelle isn't an actual participant, but a "supporting sibling". Since, the Bible Bee's focus is family discipleship one verse at a time -- there is an important part for everyone. Supporting siblings do just that -- encourage and support. They will not be participating in the final competition, but they are learning right along side the rest of us.

The other part of the actual Bee will be a written test. We didn't practice that part this time, but we did have a fun way to practice some Bible knowledge:

JEOPARDY! The kids did really well at this game. It took quite awhile to break that tie at the end.

Of course, an important part for us was the gathering with other like-minded families who are endeavoring to raise their children with Biblical principles.

Ricky's making friends.

Here they are all hanging out in a room together playing games. All the different colored t-shirts indicate their age level. Yellow is a primary, blue is junior and red are the seniors. All the parents were in the next room visiting and the kids came in here and got along and organized games for themselves.

All of us enjoyed the fellowship and encouragement.

Clean up time.

Thank you to our wonderful host family and all their planning and time. We also appreciate that a church would allow us to use their facilities on a Saturday afternoon. A great day.

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