The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Remember those lazy days of summer -- hanging out with your friends and telling your mom how bored you are? When Riane and Braydon were really little we lived in a very old house with a wraparound porch. We spent a whole lot of warm days sitting on that porch rockin', readin' and watchin' the traffic.

Well, those days have passed, in a mighty way! I don't know what happened this summer, but we are so busy even my kids will voluntarily take a nap if there's time (Okay... only the teenagers really WANT to nap). It's busy, but it is definitely good busy.

One of our new activities this year is our participation in the National Bible Bee. It is really an awesome program. We have chosen to meet together once a day to work through our Sword Study notebooks.

This picture is not very good, but it is the only one I took with all the sword study books. This is the book we use and write in for our inductive studies.

All the kids have color coded t-shirts based on their division. We do our study and then we are supposed to be using some of our time memorizing a lot of verses! I came up with a verse basket and everyone has a card with 3 peoples' names on it. During the day you are to find your three people and go over three cards each. When your card is checked off you can have the special caramel candy that is in the basket. This is helping us a lot -- I still see the most precious site -- all my children in various locations studying and quoting scripture.

June also has two birthdays. Wokelle turned 6 on June 20 and Riane turned 17 on June 22.

Well, that is how it feels to have a 17 year old and to start having discussions about passport renewals, mission trips and saying things like "we don't have much time to do that before..."

Riane has grown into quite the young lady with a sure love of books and definite ideas. Even her birthday dessert -- she picked sweet potato casserole and whipped cream. Home made whipped cream, not whipped topping.  Interesting pick, but surprisingly good.

Master Wokelle has ideas too. Mostly about how he hopes our next adoption includes somebody younger than him.

He decided on ice cream cake, which looks great in this picture. However, I did not get it frozen long enough and it went smooosh when I cut it.

In our family, we have a big meal at lunch time. Birthday meals are no different. We end up laughing a lot when we are at that table.

Sometimes we laugh so hard we begin to rock ....

Forward . . .

Backward . . .

Some of us look so wonderful

But ... I can see just a glint of ornery . . .

Wonder where he gets it from!

Always making faces!

Seriously, Wokelle loved his new scooter from Grandma. As soon as he wrangled it out of the box he was figuring out how it worked.

A few years ago, we stopped giving our kids gifts for birthdays, but began to do family friendly activities instead. This year Wokelle wants to swim at a local pool and then get an ice cream cone. I haven't had a chance to work that into our schedule, but it is coming soon.

Riane chose to take a tour of the Mazza Museum.This is a children's book art museum. We didn't know what it would be like, but off we went. We had a fabulous tour guide and it was so interesting -- everybody loved it.

At the end our guide did an art project with all of us. She asked us to use glue and tissue paper to create either an animal or something that represented ourselves.

Here's the final smattering of some of our pictures. I will leave you to figure out what goes with who.

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