The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Curious Case of the Missing Camera Cord

I had no pictures from vacation because I could not find the camera cord. Silly Mom! On vacation we let the kids watch some movies on the laptop. The camera and cord were in the same bag and I took the cord out and put it in the glove compartment. Lately, my memory goes quickly. I never remembered doing it until last week. So, I missed photo opportunities and that's Okay.

I found a lot of pictures on the camera that had never been downloaded. Mother's Day, our Garage Sale among others. I will not bore you with so many family photos, but I would like to share a few from our vacation.

The first part of our vacation was spent in Georgia visiting Jerome's sister. We could only stay one night before heading to our conference, but it was worth the drive.

Jerome's sister has seven children, but some are all grown up. We got to spend time with almost everyone, but most of our time was spent with the youngest three boys-- the only ones on have pictures of this trip. We were able to visit an awesome little water park close to their home.

The cousins right before we left.

This was taken in Nashville getting ready for our first day of conference. This was Ricky's first opportunity to part of the Alert Cadet Challenge -- he was so excited! He worked really hard and earned a new wallet.

Braydon was an old hand at Alert Cadet, and a great encourager to Ricky.

That's it -- then the camera cord was mysteriously misplaced. One of the reasons I am struggling with memory (I am really NOT that old!) is that we are beyond busy right now. We are involved in the National Bible Bee, we are working some Saturdays at our farmer's market, we are in 4H, piano lessons, sometimes a crochet group at church, as well as making monthly visits to a nursing home. In between, we have visited a friend in the hospital, made to a garage sale and hosted a friend overnight in our house, as well as having our niece and nephew over for a day. Wokelle had a birthday and Riane will have one tomorrow. I have loved every minute of these activities, but my brain apparently can not keep up.

ADOPTION UPDATE: We are receiving referrals quite often and our home study is being sent out. No match yet . . .

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