The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, May 16, 2011

Takin' a Break

The Tribe is taking a break. We finished our required days of school (and a little bit extra). We finished taking our standardized tests (we prefer the CAT), and now we are taking a little time off from our homeschooling.

Mother's Day was the beginning of our slow down. What an awesome time we had. The kids got up early did the ironing for me, and prepared breakfast. They also gave me my favorite perfume.

We had our first garage sale as a family. We have been studying thriftiness and the integrity and business practices of John Wanamaker. So, we tried to implement some strategies. We clearly marked all of our prices with computer printed signs. Service:  We offered free coffee (clearly advertised on all our signs). We made sure everyone was greeted. We are working as a one-accord family, so any projects are worked on by all and any profit is shared by all. I was so hoping we would make enough money to split for the kids to have a little fun money. When the economy shlump hit our family the very first things to go were kids allowances. At the end of our one day sale, we had made some money, but only enough to make a couple dollars each. I was praying hard and at the last minute a family pulled in and they were in a buying mood. Before they left they had bought our largest ticket item (a TV) and several other things.  Wow! God even answers our prayers for little delights. That gave us enough to get about $10 each. Doesn't sound like much, but we were pleased with our day. We were also pleased with the clean closets and the fact that we got rid of so many things that we don't use anymore.

The weather has been a bit interesting during this time too. We had some really hot days. Now, I wouldn't call them dog days yet, but I don't think Dexter knows that.

He was floppin'! As I am writing this, it has already turned cold again  -- so the huge sighs and big flops all over the house have subsided for awhile.

Just this weekend we had some friends over. What an awesome time to visit and have fun!  The girls got together to take some funny pictures. The process started out like this:

And ended up in cute shots like these:

How fun and creative is that?

Mary has also been a busy girl. She can really work with her hands so well. She has produced so much work and it is all beautiful. She put down her crochet for a bit and tried her hand at embroidery. This was her first pillowcase:

Awesome job!

Oh, and by the way we are STILL working on that family picture:

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