The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mary's 11/14

This week Mary celebrated her birthday. The reason we call it her 11/14 has to do with international adoption and that her legal paperwork did not accurately reflect her age. To see my original post on the age questions click here.  She is 11 on her legal paperwork and biologically 14.

Birthdays have become a bit quieter around here. She picked out the cake she wanted (caramel cheesecake) and helped me bake it. She wanted to be the one to light her candles.

The children usually make cards for each other, or have found some other unique or creative way to wish each other the best. If they have a little money they will often buy small things way in advance and save them. If not they make things, or have even been know to put on "shows".  As parents we buy a nice card (usually with music) and promise a family fun event, which the kids take weeks or even months trying to figure out what they want to do.

Mary enjoying all the cards and things her brother and sisters prepared for her.

Grandma always sends the kids a nice gift. Mary has been very good at learning crochet and working with her hands. This year she was asking for tatting supplies. She just really wanted to learn how to tat.

Boy did Grandma come through!

Everyone was really surprised by the box of materials that came from my mom's mother's things. The idea that Mary would get her great-grandmother's tatting shuttle made a big impression on her. I kept telling her that tatting skipped two generations!

Grandma also sent along some great new teaching resources.

Mary could hardly wait to get started.

Already tatting!

For our family-fun trip we took off for the local bowling alley.

A great night and a happy birthday!


Ukulele Jimmy said...

Aloha Jerome and Debbie!!! Beautiful "Ohana" family!!

Love and Aloha,
Jimmy (CV-67)

The Googeg's said...

Oh My! Jerome and I were amazed to see you here. e-mail us sometime and let us know how you are doing!