The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

I so hope that all of you celebrated a very blessed Resurrection Day. We were very busy and very blessed. Writing this blog gives me a bit of trepidation as it may appear that we spend so much busy time that we did not reflect on the true meaning of this day. I certainly hope that was not true. We ended our Saturday night as we always do in family devotions and discussion preparing our hearts for Sunday Worship. This time we had a discussion about what we feel leading up to Easter. Of course, we all say we are thankful for the sacrifice of our Risen Savior. However, we all had to admit that activities surrounding Easter often distract us from proper meditation. We fight this urge as fallen humans and believe that we spent the day serving and enjoying the family in beautiful excitement and praise for the free life that Jesus has given us.

I woke the children at 4:00am so that we could be at church by 5:30am. This was our second year helping some other families serve breakfast to the crowd that attends our sunrise service.

We have become so close and love these two families so much that some of our kids have just opted to call them Auntie and Uncle. This is the egg prep counter. A lot of our eggs were donated fresh eggs from a member of our church. That's a lot of eggs!

Braydon was on duty frying the ham. This year I remembered to bring a few aprons, so that we could attend church presentable.

Everyone in our family does their share. Amber is helping Wokelle learn the fine art of scrambling eggs.

The kitchen is  one busy place.

Jerome never slowed down enough for me to get a good picture!

Some of the people we served. We figure we had about 60 for breakfast.

After all have been served we enjoy a nice meal too.

For sometime we have been wanting to have a new family picture taken. It is always a struggle to get this done. First of all, we forget! Then, we want to all be dressed nice. We figured Easter at church would work. We have camera, everyone looks nice.

Here's a self-portrait of our photographer - Go Ben!

It is still a hard thing to get done. First, there's always a lot of adjusting.

There's always somebody who is not particularly happy.

And somebody gets caught with their eyes closed.  (BIG SIGH) I think we still have more pictures to take.

When we got home, our family arrived and we did get a great picture of The Tribe with their cousins Joanne and Josiah.

After our meal, we put all those eggs we stuffed into good use and got ready for the great egg hunt.

This was JP's first egg hunt. Not Wokelle -- I think he found his first egg.  Wait! We haven't said "Go" yet.


Adela wanted to be JP's helper and he was getting the hang of it.

There goes Joanne.

It is just fun!

The observers.

Braydon was Uncle Ayin's helper as he went out to catch video.

Braydon had a lot of ideas for his Uncle.

Braydon eventually commandeered the camera himself and caught the hunt footage.

It was a good day.

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