The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little Boys and Pocketknives

Well, it's "nothin' to write home about" as my Dad would have said. What makes it enough to write blog about?

My boy is fine -- not enough to do more than clean up and bandage up. He is growing up "all boy" as my Dad would have also said. Runnin' to the creek with a knife in his pocket, big plans in his head and dreams in his heart.

And it makes me smile. This is the boy that faints at the sight of blood and today he didn't. Today he learned what we have been saying since the pocketknife stage entered our house, "It is not a toy. You will have to be careful. These are sharp." Yep. Today he knows..

Sometimes we fall and hurt a little and in the end it is to teach us greater things.

Ecclesiastes 7:8 Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof . . .

Today he knows.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Not So Famous

In the last post I showed pictures of us trying to take a family picture. What you didn't see is some of our little friends off to the side wanting to join us. We kept saying "Wait, Wait". Afterwards, we had them run up and join us. Their parents and us had to run off to family functions, so we didn't have time to show them all the pictures on the camera.

"Don't worry I will post them on the blog. You will be famous."
I don't know how famous anyone will become by being on my blog from Podunk.  But I sure love these little guys and don't want to miss a chance to keep my promise.

Easter 2011

I so hope that all of you celebrated a very blessed Resurrection Day. We were very busy and very blessed. Writing this blog gives me a bit of trepidation as it may appear that we spend so much busy time that we did not reflect on the true meaning of this day. I certainly hope that was not true. We ended our Saturday night as we always do in family devotions and discussion preparing our hearts for Sunday Worship. This time we had a discussion about what we feel leading up to Easter. Of course, we all say we are thankful for the sacrifice of our Risen Savior. However, we all had to admit that activities surrounding Easter often distract us from proper meditation. We fight this urge as fallen humans and believe that we spent the day serving and enjoying the family in beautiful excitement and praise for the free life that Jesus has given us.

I woke the children at 4:00am so that we could be at church by 5:30am. This was our second year helping some other families serve breakfast to the crowd that attends our sunrise service.

We have become so close and love these two families so much that some of our kids have just opted to call them Auntie and Uncle. This is the egg prep counter. A lot of our eggs were donated fresh eggs from a member of our church. That's a lot of eggs!

Braydon was on duty frying the ham. This year I remembered to bring a few aprons, so that we could attend church presentable.

Everyone in our family does their share. Amber is helping Wokelle learn the fine art of scrambling eggs.

The kitchen is  one busy place.

Jerome never slowed down enough for me to get a good picture!

Some of the people we served. We figure we had about 60 for breakfast.

After all have been served we enjoy a nice meal too.

For sometime we have been wanting to have a new family picture taken. It is always a struggle to get this done. First of all, we forget! Then, we want to all be dressed nice. We figured Easter at church would work. We have camera, everyone looks nice.

Here's a self-portrait of our photographer - Go Ben!

It is still a hard thing to get done. First, there's always a lot of adjusting.

There's always somebody who is not particularly happy.

And somebody gets caught with their eyes closed.  (BIG SIGH) I think we still have more pictures to take.

When we got home, our family arrived and we did get a great picture of The Tribe with their cousins Joanne and Josiah.

After our meal, we put all those eggs we stuffed into good use and got ready for the great egg hunt.

This was JP's first egg hunt. Not Wokelle -- I think he found his first egg.  Wait! We haven't said "Go" yet.


Adela wanted to be JP's helper and he was getting the hang of it.

There goes Joanne.

It is just fun!

The observers.

Braydon was Uncle Ayin's helper as he went out to catch video.

Braydon had a lot of ideas for his Uncle.

Braydon eventually commandeered the camera himself and caught the hunt footage.

It was a good day.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Spring Busy

What is the first question people ask when they see you?  Usually it is "How are you?"  My response seems to be "Busy." It sounds cliche, but it is just the truth. I would tell you that it is at times a good busy and other times a bit of a pressing busy.

We have two vehicles and one has been giving us problems for at least a week or longer now. Managing the trips to the various shops and money flowing out has been interesting. Considering Jerome and I are the only drivers right now -- it is always a matter of interrupting the family flow.  However, just yesterday the job is done and the car is fixed.

Riane is working on becoming another one of our drivers.  Drivers Education is not like it used to be. First of all, it is expensive (at least $200) and long! Riane had 8 classes over two weeks each lasting from 5:00 to 9:30.  She has one class to make up in May and 8 hours of driving with her instructor to complete her course. Before she can get her license, she must log 50 hours of driving time with one of us.

This year we joined 4 H and the kids are loving it. We decided as a family to join the shooting sports club. The boys all want to hunt someday and my girls are pretty good at shooting and enjoy it too. So Riane is taking shotgun -- may seem a little rough for my Classic Reader, Seamstress, but she hit two out of three traps her first night shooting.  Mary hates guns, but loves learning archery. She just learned that she is right handed, but left eye dominant. She is learning to adjust her bow stance, but she really enjoys it.  Ricky, Adela and Braydon are all taking rifle. Jerome required the boys to take rifle this first year as a better preparation for hunting.   Wokelle is young yet, but he enjoys the meetings. So, believe it or not, this mama is hanging out at my local gun club twice a month!

As part of the 4H experience the kids are all required to give a short demonstration talk. It does not have to be on their shooting discipline, but anything they like or enjoy. Riane is planning baking, Mary's is all about cultivating roses, Braydon's is on knives and Ricky and Adela each picked an animal - Ricky has his turtle, and Adela loves our old barn cat

Spring, as you know, starts garage sale season. This is a very serious time for us as we plan the children's wardrobe. I go through closets and re-arrange and assess clothing needs. Then we head out. This year, the first town with good garage sales had a rainy start date. We were not deterred and soldiered on anyway.

We came home with lots of great finds, but one unplanned purchase was this "leather" looking jacket.

Okay, he didn't need it, but who could resist $3? A lady at another garage sale gave him the glasses, because she wanted to complete the look.

Now we are in the thick of Easter. We don't do as much anymore for Easter as we used to. As our focus on Jesus gets stronger and stronger the things of this world truly fade away. We give the kids a basket, but it is very small. We used to color eggs,but haven't for a few years. We usually stuff plastic eggs with candy and invite family over for a backyard egg hunt. This year, two ladies at our church asked if they could have an afternoon to color eggs with my kids. Okay -- we were game. It ended up being a fabulous day. We had the color eggs station.

We also had the stuff the eggs station.

Mary and Wokelle had never colored eggs before and Riane had been missing our old tradition.

We got out our resurrection eggs and read the story of Jesus.
I am so glad that we decided to take a day to enjoy these ladies and have some fun.

Tomorrow we will be rolling out of our house at 5:00am to help a team cook breakfast for the sunrise service attenders. We will be praising the joy of our risen Saviour and enjoying our family.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

He's Back ...

AND . . .


His first words off the plane were "Mom, I am hungry!"
To which I replied, "Is that all you have to say to your Mother?"

It is so good to have him home. It was quite an experience for him, one he is still processing and resting up from. He came back pretty wiped out and keeps trying to catch naps. Unfortunately, we are kind of a busy family -- so I am forever making him wake up and move on to the next thing. I am sure that in a few days or so he will get back into the routine.

To this Mama's ears his guitar strumming is sweet indeed.

Other family news:

Our old dog Dexter is looking like his days are winding down. Today I took him to the vet and I made every kid go with me just in case we had to decide to put him down. The Dr. thought that a cortisone shot and some anti-inflammtory medicine would make him more comfortable for awhile and would could buy some more time. His arthritis is in his neck and he could hardly lift his head. He is looking better tonight already.

Our adoption is still in the matching/waiting phase. We sent out a some homestudies and one worker has responded with additional information to see if we would still like to be considered. We said Yes. Beyond that we haven't heard anything.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Business

We are branching out as a family and trying some new things. Our first enterprise is setting up our own Etsy shop. If you don't know what Etsy is, you realy should check it out. It is a venue that sells very similarly to ebay, however, all items must be handmade or vintage.

Our girls have been learning to do handwork and Mary has come out with some beautiful dish cloths. I asked her to make them on the big side, so they could be used as burp cloths for the baby or generous dish cloths.

At this point I have only listed one item to get us started. Keep watch! We hope to grow. Our shop is Evidence Not Seen. (as in Hebrews 11:1). We have Busy Hands.