The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


In our school curriculum, we study a character quality a month. It is amazing how the studies in the Wisdom Booklets seem to correlate with our life. Maybe the truth is, that the more we study the character quality the more we become aware of our shortcomings. Whatever the case may be, this month we are on Determination (vs. faintheartedness); defined as "purposing to accomplish God's goals, in God's time, regardless of the opposition".  Life, of late, has not been for the fainthearted.

First of all, we were in recovery mode after our tiny flood. We took a day off of our regular studies to put our basement back in order. We sorted through every book and item in the basement. Some we disposed of, definitely all of it was reordered in a more organized fashion. We are very pleased with our results. Then, Braydon and I hit the couches. So sick neither one of us was getting up. The rest of the kids were invaluable helpers in keeping the big 3 going (laundry, dishes and food).

After this, I decided a wise schedule would help us keep an even keel in times of stress, so I dusted off my copy of Managers of their Homes, and determined to teach my kids to make and use a schedule.

Instead of using a paper and little papers we did things "tribe style" and laid the whole grid out on the floor.

The kids and I worked together and laid out our school subjects and activities all together. Afterwards, I took my laptop and worked around the cards to come up with our spreadsheet.

Everyone received a notebook with their small version inside and some monthly calendars to put our events on. Whew! Note the date -- it was Tuesday. We didn't have a regular day -- we just scheduled as I was recovering.

Recovered from the sick day, the time organized, the basement together and we are on! First of all, the last Bible quiz of the season was moved up a week, throwing our first Friday off to accommodate an extra practice. No big deal right? A Schedule is a guideline. So Tuesday we set it -- Wednesday and Friday accommodating quizzing that wasn't on our schedule, but that was ending so it didn't really count right? Thursday we followed our schedule -- I think.....

Monday -- Jerome was feeling so icky he wanted to sleep and we went back to bed after our prayer time. No one in the house moved until after 9:00am. Strange, but it felt good. Everyone needs to catch up  -- we'll get this schedule going soon. After family devotions Jerome asked me to call the Dr. -- Unreal...Jerome hates to go to the Dr. He had numbness in his left arm and "discomfort" in his chest for a long time. I had been patiently waiting him out.

Of course, he ended up in ER and was admitted to the hospital. Tests and many tests later, we realized he was staying the night. The kids were handling it well, but you could see the worry coming on. I just kept taking them down the road to visit Dad so that they could see he was fine. So, we went to see Dad, we went to dinner, we went to see Dad, we went to 4H, we went to see Dad. We got up in the morning had breakfast and went to see Dad. We came home, trying to salvage our schedule and jump in and do something. Jerome called and said he was meeting the cardiologist and maybe I could come too. Okay, I left the kids home for lunch and told them to at least get to a math paper. Not on the schedule, but at least it would be something to keep them occupied. The cardiologist came two hours later than anticipated and agreed to release Jerome with medications to bring his blood pressure under control. Then I got to came home.

So, today is Wednesday -- we followed the schedule.

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We just started this WB! Let me know if you find any cool things on the net to supplement...I will do the same for you.