The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Storm Hit

The storm (Snow, ice and all that) hit here, but a lot of other storms have blown in lately too. We are changing some directions in our home -- which involve some re-orgainizing, re-thinking, and lots of prayer. Some kids are happy and some kids are not. All that being said, I am not in a time of discouragement or unrest, I am just riding the waves, but they have been sweeping me along at such a rate that some areas (like blogging) have been taking a backseat.

Just keeping up with everyone's shoe sizes has challenged me lately. Jerome  reached down and touched some boys shoes and realized that we were long overdue. Ricky's last pair of Goodwill $1 fill in the gap tennis shoes, were small and in sad shape. Wokelle was pushing the edges and Braydon had run the bottoms off of his. I think Moms are supposed to be more on top of this. Wokelle found some snazzy shoes in the infamous shoe box in the garage (Yeah!). Ricky and Braydon were treated to brand new pairs of shoes (not Goodwill stop-gaps!) I found out that Braydon now wears the same size as Jerome.

Some good news. Mary had her back checked for Scoliosis and is fine indeed. I finally purged the file cabinet (before tax time) and pulled out a large lawn and leaf bag of things dating back to '06! Seems like shoes aren't the only thing running away from me. I was told this week that for sure all of our paperwork for the impending adoption is complete. We are just waiting on the Child Abuse Registry report that the state has to send. When that piece of paper is in, our homestudy will be considered complete. Almost there.

On to our latest pictures. I thought the storm would feel confining. But indeed it energized the tribe. For the first time they have been going outside everyday to sled on the fast ice and snow. It has been good for them.

The first day of the big snow, Jerome cleared the driveway and started up the generator to make sure all was in working order and then he left for work. It really didn't look that bad out. I was sure we wouldn't lose power. What do you know.. out it went.  I thought we might be able to wait on Jerome to come at night. Jerome made a quick call and reminded me, that if the power stayed out for a significant period of time, it would be harder to heat such a cold house and ... the biggie.... no power, no flushing (we are on well and septic in the country). Six kids... no flushing... we are going to have to hook that generator up ourselves. I am glad my boys are coming into their own.  First they had to get into the crawl space of the house to feed the extension cord to the equipment room.

It's a small space.

Braydon made it!

Ricky had a much easier time.

All hooked up and generator going.

Just a safety note -- always well-vent a generator. We propped open the garage door and put the generator right next to the open door. We had the furnace on and the water pump. We ran in and checked the systems - we were a go!  Just then the electricity came back on. It never went out again the whole storm. I am glad the electricity came on, but we had just got it all running on our own. I figured it was a good test of our abilities.

although I am not found of being outside in all that snow -- these guys are loving it!

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