The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Mom’s Nook Post

Hanging Out to Dry

As a mom I can sometimes get lost in all that I do and forget that God is working in my life at all times. This summer as I was hanging out my laundry, I started to think about how "hung out to dry" I was feeling. My husband had recently begun teaching a young adult class at our church. Then, he was asked to fill in occasionally in the adult Sunday school class. Not long after he started his rotation teaching a children's church class. I was feeling a little put-out that I did not have a specific ministry in which to participate. Don't get me wrong, I didn't really want one. I was (and still am) teaching six children at home, attending a regular Bible Study and participating where I saw a need, i.e. helping out in Vacation Bible School, cooking for the Easter Breakfast, whatever. I was just having a pity party that morning as I was hanging out the laundry. I realized that it didn't matter if I was hanging out the laundry, teaching a class or cooking a meal. The Lord is to be glorified. If I am out front at this moment or behind the sheets, it doesn't matter where I am; it matters where the Lord is in my life. I began to see how much our physical lives are a "dim reflection" of our spiritual lives.

Sometimes we feel "hung out to dry" by the Lord. I hate that feeling. What am I supposed to do out there? When I am hung out, I get the fresh sunshine and wind to blow through my life. I have the opportunity to come in refreshed and aired out. I am also seen by all who care to take notice. Think of the laundry on the line. Should anyone care to look, they can see that I took everyone swimming, all the suits are right out there, or maybe they see that I have a lot of boys who put holes in the knees of their pants. How I live my life and praise or not praise the Lord during a hang time can also be seen by anyone who cares to look. Am I praising or complaining? Looking for the opportunities to grow and serve where I am – Or wishing I had ended up somewhere else.

What I realized that day did refresh me. It's not my circumstances or my position or my anything – it's really just whether I am glorifying the Lord during my "rinse and spin" or the "hang to dry".

Monday, January 17, 2011


As a mom I have always felt that incredible tick of the time. I realize that my children are passing through my life so fast. The time for me to influence, train and pour myself into them is flying by every day. Today Braydon turned 14 -- FOURTEEN! What did he want for his birthday? The promise of a trip to Journey to the Heart, a ten day spiritual retreat that is sure to bring him back as a man. Today I took a walk through a few of my memories:

He was a chubby little bald baby -- whose appearance into this world nearly took me out of mine. He came in during an ice storm and he does live dramatic.

All those years of dragging around his "b" and sucking that bottom lip; I thought he would never give them up. Long gone -- Long, long gone.

Always a Daddy's boy -- If Daddy loved the Broncos so did he.

I spent the first few years of his life with my hand on the back of his collar. He was daredevil from the git-go. Now I just close my eyes and swallow hard.

There is nothing like a good movie.

He has always loved the guitar.

Even from the youngest age; he just could not leave his sisters alone!

This little boy....

Happy birthday!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh Riane!

Teenagers are a fun lot to raise. I know there tend to be lots of complaints out there about teenagers, but I don't seem to have those issues right now. My "olders" as I call them are big helps to me and great fun. Although, they have their goofy sides.

Take Riane, she loves funny things. Like wearing my hat all day with the brim not rolled up the way it is supposed to be. It looks like she is wearing it wrong side out.

She also loves shoes. Lots of shoes. Lots of really high, pointy shoes.

And books. Really old difficult books or entire sets. She is slowly amassing her own library for when she moves out someday.

She is growing and very responsible. She even does her own laundry -- in time. Laundry day is pretty evident... as in "Why are you wearing THAT?!" Because it is laundry day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Long-Delayed Holiday Post

I have been quite re-miss in getting a post out with all the joy of our Christmas and New Year's, but we are finally back into our routine and I am getting it blogged.

This year we really tried to make more gifts. We feel that if we made it is just a bit more personal.

Adela made this scarf for her Sunday School teacher. It was one of her first crochet projects!

I made my Mom an afghan and Mary made one of her prayer shawls. Okay... we know she lives in Vegas....  but it gets chilly at night.

The three boys made a lazy susan for their aunt and uncle.

With many hands to help, the cheesecake team made their Christmas Eve deliveries to our friends. Fourteen this year!

This year the kids were given a certain amount of money and we took a family Christmas shopping trip. So, they knew what those gifts were and they were excited about them. However, Mom and Dad always give one gift (as well as stockings) and Grandma was here this year. Well, Grandma and I wrapped the special presents after the tribe had gone to bed. We through numbers in a hat and randomly gave everyone a code instead of a name. It kept those kids guessing all the time. There were hoping that number on the present they were sure was a book, was for Riane. Who else but Riane would ask for BOOKS!

Finally, code revealed Wokelle headed to unwrap his present from Grandma and old beach towels fell out! I thought he was going to cry, until he saw that inside the beach towels was the much wanted nerf sword -- relief!

Let me tell you -- Christmas Eve was one restless night. The kids are allowed to look in their stockings -- but no opening gifts until we are all up. And we gave them a 6:30am time for Mom and Dad and Grandma. Some of our little lovelies were up wandering the house all night. At 3:00am poor Grandma wanted to make a quick potty trip and was surprised from excited chimes of "Good Morning!" from the living room.

They were most frustrated that the long awaited presents from Mom and Dad did show up -- six small, light boxes all exaclty the same size. What? On Christmas morning they excitedly opened all the other presents, until Adela finally handed the dreaded, not too exciting looking box to Braydon and said "You should open yours first." He was the test kid.

The box had nothing but a 3x5 card with what I thought was a pretty pithy little piece on it! At the end it instructed the kids to go to Dad for something special. Meanwhile, Dad had been sitting there with a big black trash bag.

Braydon got a kiss on the head and then.... he was told to go to Grandma's closet. He drug out a big box with his long awaited guitar case!

Oh, now those kids were into this! They all grabbed their little boxes and wanted their turn!

The smiles on their faces was worth all the anxiety leading up -- they so didn't expect this one!

The other fun part was watching what the kids had decided to give each other.

Mary bought the younger boys these lovely fake teeth.

After the unwrapping we were thankful there wasn't much snow. Ricky figured out his ripstick.

In the spirit of homemade giving Riane had given the boys little coupons for things she would do -- like make apple dumplings or participate in an acitivty of their choice for 30 minutes. Braydon picked boxing....

Yes! Jerome did throw something on the grill for Christmas dinner.

Jerome's brother and family made it over for Chrismas dinner. That little JP sure loved the nerf sword. It was bigger than he is, but no one had to teach him what to do with it. He could even fake dying.

Christmas was done and we marched on to New Year's Eve.

We were all so glad that Grandma was able to stay with us a little bit longer this year. She even made it to midnight!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be My Guest - The Hair Adventure

God (and Jerome) has been prompting me to keep developing my writing and I do work on it in fits and spurts. Part of the delay on my holiday posting for this blog has been the general holiday excitement, a stomach virus and my work on posting a story for someone else's blog -- guest blogging.

Of all things, this time I am writing about hair. It has been quite an adventure with Mary's hair and I decided to share it (with Mary's full knowledge and agreement) on a blog called Keep Me Curly! This blog has been the best I have found to help me learn to handle Mary's hair appropriately. There are style ideas, basic videos on care and how-to. I highly recommend it.

If you would like to read my post please click here:  The Hair Adventure.