The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Piano Recital

Every year right before Thanksgiving, our piano teacher schedules a recital at a local nursing home's chapel. It is always a fun night. We love our piano teacher, she is a local older lady who has lived in this town all her life. She is somewhere close to her 80's and can show you pictures of her with the high school cheer leading squad. She has a strong personality and keeps those kids in line.

Braydon has had a respectful "argument" with her for the last couple of months. He kept telling her that he got a guitar and that he was far more interested in guitar and did not want to pursue piano any longer. She told him he would regret it, he should persevere. However, he held his ground and finished the books he was working in and told her he was leaving. She pushed him to practice and play for the recital at least. He agreed. She called me to make sure he was practicing. I love her!

So this was his farewell recital... he thought. She told him to learn something on his guitar so well that he could play during her recital next year. Isn't she great?

Ricky went to an all day hunter safety class with Jerome. He studied and worried over that test for a couple of weeks. He wanted it so bad, but sitting still, listening to teachers and taking a 100 question test is not exactly easy for this boy. He did it! He ran into the recital while the person before him was playing. Whispered "Mom, I passed!" Plopped down and played his songs perfectly.

 "Okay, Mrs. F, I will practice for the recital."

Riane is becoming quite accomplished. Mrs. F had asked her to work on a song to accompany a group at her church. They found a semi-professional to hire and so Riane did not get the job. However, since she worked so hard Mrs. F said she wanted to sing it at the recital. Riane has been taking lessons with her for 7 years and she is already feeling pangs of sadness that her time with Mrs. F is running short.

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