The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Night

Once a year before Christmas our church presents a family night program. Anyone that desires signs up with a "talent" they want to share. Some sing, some read stories, some play music, some groups get together and put on skits -- however creative anyone can be. It always ends up to be a great night of informal fun. We really get know people in our church family as we see them display gifts and talents we may not have known they had.

Jerome and I lead a Young Adult group and we decided that we would put on a skit. One lady came with an awesome idea and I went home and wrote it into the short skit. Jerome agreed to play the rebellious teenage son. He was really "feeling" the part. Before we left for the big night, he came out of the bathroom totally clean shaven. Mind you, he hasn't been without facial hair for 20 some years.

Our girls loved it:

We arrived early to get ready and our girls got a little silly decided to trade one shoe each. They went this way for the whole night.

The teen's Sunday School Class had an awesome performance of the song "Mary Did You Know". It involved sign language and dowel rods -- a human video.

The end was quite dramatic with a star.

They also put on a puppet show.

The young-en's put on a quite little skit of the blessed night. Ricky and Wokelle were fine angels. They almost remembered their lines.

Okay. So here is Jerome as that rebellious teenager texting away. THAT is true acting as we don't even have texting on our phones.

Riane and Braydon asked me to drag out my dusty flute and play "O Holy Night" with them.

The night always closes with our Pastor reading the children the true Christmas story from Luke 2.

A great night.

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