The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Titles

Mary has been writing down the story of her life. She doesn't want anyone besides Mom to read it yet, but she is working her way through it. When the subject came up at dinner, we all got silly and were trying to think of the book title for each one of us should we write the stories of our lives. Honestly, the writer in me has had the book title for a couple of my children in mind for a long time.

Here's where we landed:

Riane - Born to Sparkle Called to Shine
When Riane was little, I saw some sparkly stuff on her face and told her she was sparkling. She said, "Oh, Mama, I was born to sparkle!" A friend had a t-shirt printed with the "born to sparkle called to shine" phrase on it. So it has a long history with Riane.

Braydon - Marching On
I really wanted to call Braydon's title "Golligog". That is what he called horses when he was just a toddler. He was embarrassed by this and went with a total military book title -- since he is bound for the academy someday.
Mary - Stronghearted
This was totally Mary's idea and I think it fits well.
Adela - Mariposa, Her Flight for Freedom
I have called Adela "Mariposa" for a long time. It is the Spanish word for butterfly. She has had some struggles in her young life and I tell her that God has a plan for her life and it is beautiful and she will break the cocoon of her past and fly like a beautiful butterfly. So I call her my Mariposa to remind her.
Ricky - Life in the Patch
Okay, by this time we were getting silly and when Ricky was little I called him my "punkin head" sooooo..... life in the patch......
Wokelle - Man with a Message
Mary tells us that one time Wokelle was named Jeremiah and it sort of bothers her that we were only given the name Wokelle. I keep telling her, Wokelle is what we named him and it is fine - to me he is always Wokelle. One day, hit by inspiration, I explained how Jeremiah was an old testament prophet, proclaiming a message to God's people and John (as in Wokelle Tithin John) was a man in the New Testament who "was the voice of one calling in the desert. Make straight the way for the Lord." Since that day, Wokelle has always been my man with a message.
Jerome was not present at our little book title dinner, but Riane offered up a title for him anyway, Growing up Island

And mine -- as always I am the Last Mama

Adoption Update

Today was the first meeting with our adoption assesor. She will be back for her second visit next week. The paperwork is flying faster than Jerome and I can keep up with it.

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Valerie said...

This was truly beautiful. Love it! Good luck with all that dreadful paperwork!