The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Process of Adoption

Having announced that our family is actively pursuing another adoption has been met with varied responses. All positive! For Jerome and I, this had been a good year of discussion, prayer, consideration... before we really arrived at the place where we both felt that God's call was to step out and start another process. We prayerfully hope that it ends up in more little Googeg's.

I was a little circumspect about telling people that we were signing up to potentially have 8 children. This after I already received my bifocals -- I am not a young mama. Mostly I get questions about the process.

I will tell you what the process is .... paperwork. It is a whole lot of paperwork. It started with the initial brief application to the agency, then the application for a home study grant, we moved on to the Child Placement Application and I was told today that another packet of forms was being mailed out. Sometimes, it is even re-doing paperwork. We had left a couple of small boxes blank on our Child Placement Application and couldn't get the PDF file for the signature page to print. The whole application got sent back for me to re-do and gather original signatures. Having been through this process before, I imagine the soon to be sent paperwork involves Mom and Dad biographies to be written, requests for background checks and fire safety checkoff sheets for a fireman to perform. We will have to have water from our septic tank checked. We may have to ask others for letters of reference.

Once some paperwork is flowing we will be visited by an adoption assessor who will ultimately write our home study and (new this time!) a large family assessment. Concurrently, we will begin training classes. We may have the opportunity to waive some of our training simply based on our experiences and because we aren't accepting foster children placements. However, we were told that everyone is absolutely required to attend the Cultural Diversity class.

Once all of these items are written and gathered and training classes are completed we will, hopefully, enter the arena where we will be matched with kids in the foster care system, legally freed for adoption and needing a home like ours.

That's the process in a nutshell. Just imagine --this time we don't have to deal with immigration and foreign governments!

Basically, we are buckled in for another adventure with the Tribe.


Richardson Family said...

How did I miss this big news. You are brave and strong and full of energy, whoever gets you as a Mommy is truly blessed.

Valerie said...

You have to take cultural diversity? Wow - that is a day in your home isn't it? Silly - but hey I am sure there is some fun lesson there. Oh and did I say I want to be adopted and you can have me for free!

The Googeg's said...

Yes, Val, we have to take a day off from our children to learn how to live with them. I may come back with all new insights!