The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Home School Life

The toughest job you will ever love. I hear that quote all the time about a lot of different professions. As corny as it sounds, home school Mom has to top the list of deserving that line. I LOVE homeschooling -- always have. I don't how you could do it if you didn't love it.  But tough... It can be the toughest thing I have ever done. First of all, those students that fought all the way through the day, don't go home, they ARE home. The job isn't teaching. It's teaching, facilitating when their older, curriculum planning and purchasing, discipline, conferences with the principal, conflict negotiation AND responsibility for maintaining the facility as well as meal planning and preparation.

One of the great gifts that come from homeschooling is time. We have time to spend with God every day as a whole family together. If one of us is struggling there is time to pull aside for talking it out, praying it out and hugging our way through it. Time for us to learn how to live with one another. Varying personalities, ages, bents and issues, we aren't going anywhere so we have to figure out how to get along. Time to work. We are all home all day, the house takes more wear and tear and no one can just sit by and let someone else work. We all benefit from the service we are called upon to share.

I will never regret homeschooling. We share some mundane times, some frustrating times and even, angry times. Ah, but there's the key we share them.

Even some funny times, which have us laughing out loud -- here's few:

Riane: Learning Latin has been quoting verb conjugations. Amabo, Amabat, Amabant
Braydon: "Yeah, I can speak Latin to: I'm a boo, I'm a bat, I'm a bum."

Jerome is very choosy about how many holes get put in the wall, especially since our house is covered in so much wallpaper. We don't hang anything without consulting him first. Riane's response: "Ah, Dad, Life is short, drive the nail."

Of course, Homeschooling gives kids a REAL picture of their parents as Ricky noticed, "You don't know your pecks and bushels!!??"

He also got a peek at someone else's handwriting while I was grading, "Wow, it must be a chore to read her papers."

As with most aspects of mothering, I say homeschooling is worth every tear.

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