The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, September 27, 2010

For Shame...

I have been meaning to do a lot of things lately, and, for shame, they have not been done. One is updating the blog. I love my blog -- other than my mother I am not really sure who reads it, but I love writing it. Here we are for shame, almost a month and no update.

I have to tell you, I am really tired and was ready to go to bed and leave this thing for yet another day (shame). Really it is because I don't feel like going downstairs and going through pictures. So, I said no more shame I am updating without pictures and just keep going.

We did have a restful labor day going to a nearby lake. The coolest thing was that we found a lake that does not allowed motorized watercraft. That means that on Labor Day, there was hardly anyone there. The kids did some fishing and some swimming. We were eating burgers and watermelon and had a great day.

We have been living in a time of GREAT Abundance. Mostly tomatoes. Jerome G. Master Canner is on the job. He has canned tomato sauce, tomatoes and salsa. Salsa at our house comes in HOT and GOOD FOR MAMA. We still have bags and boxes of tomatoes lining our garage. We give them away, we cook them, we eat them, we have canned them...

Driving has been taking up a major portion of my days. Just for the month of September, some of my kids have been taking swimming lessons. So, this involves driving out on Tuesday and Thursday evening. Here has been the driving schedule of late -- Monday - off, Tuesday -- piano lessons and swimming, Wednesday -- library trip and quizzing practice for teens, Thursday -- swimming lessons. Friday -- well, here is where I catch up, grocery store, etc. We are almost at the finish line for this one.

The teens at our house have been busy. They are involved in teen Bible quizzing and had their first meet. Riane had a day with no errors -- Braydon did very well, but I don't know his standing yet -- Mary's team took first place on junior level!

The teens also were very active in the youth Sunday this past week. Every year the teens take one service at church. It turned out very well, we were quite pleased with all ways they came up with to serve the Lord this week.

Believe it our not - with all this activity, homeschooling continues and Mama has been sneaking in a little writing time. I have "sold" articles to two eBooks. I say "sold" because compensation has been a magazine subscription or copies of said eBook. But hey - it is writing and people are willing to compensate me for it. Jerome tells me to be faithful in the little things.

It may have taken a month -- but I have not left blogger land. Pictures to arrive later.