The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Friday, August 20, 2010

And Then There Was Tuesday

I wrote up our "Day in the Life Post" and that really is a day in our life, but then there was Tuesday. Some days just don't run on any body's plan. It doesn't lay nice in the day-timer; and there is nothing like putting your head on the pillow after that day, even if it went well.

We had a Tuesday. I actually planned it to be a crazy day. Sounds crazy to even plan for crazy, but I did -- in the hope that one crazy day would make for 4 relatively sane days in the life... and it worked, for the most part, but Tuesday...

I raised the kids for devotions and egg sandwiches (some liked; some didn't). While the tribe was eating I was readying myself and throwing any manner of snack food and water in the car. That's when I realized that we had cleaned the toy closet and loaded the overflow in the back of my car for donation. OOH -- add "drop off" to the list.

With everyone fed and brushed we got in the car. I had my big red bag packed with a plethora of Mama to do items, planner, crochet project, Bible, Writing project, cell phone... The boys loaded in Dad's car for a project at the rental house, the girls and I headed off to their teeth cleaning appointment. What luck! In the dentist's office instead of horrific "Don't look at the TV!" soaps they turned the waiting room TV onto HG TV. The girls filed out one by one, I made calls, crocheted my project and watched people try to sell their house.

Halfway through Jerome dropped the boys off. Next stop, Braydon's Bee shot. OOPS! Office closed until 1:00pm. Well, we just shifted the schedule and headed to McDonald's. After downing $1 items and water we had time to kill. We headed to Walmart for a few items; time still not up I got in one extra errand.

Now the Bee shot. The most boring appointment. The office is 30 minutes from our house, necessitates a visit every 4 weeks, and Braydon walks in POP! Wait 20 minutes. Shot administered, wait accomplished we head to get that drop off project handled.

We head off to Piqua (a town 7 miles away) and let Riane goes into the closest Joanne Fabrics around. I have given her a very ambitious cross-stitch picture when I had fantasies of completing something beautiful. I gave up as the children kept arriving. She is chugging away at it and needed more DMC floss.

I can hardly believe time is on our side, so we head into the Salvation Army Thrift Store. SCORE! New khakis for Braydon and Ricky for a couple bucks. Might as well get shoes for Mary and a skirt for me.

Time's up we load back into the car and drive to our 3:00pm appointment at a friend's house. We help her weed her yard. In return, we get to love her dogs, eat snacks she prepares and then she pays us and takes us swimming. The pool a private, country retreat owned by her mother. Woo Hoo!

The kids are wearing thin, but she invites 4 of them to ride in her powder blue, VW Cooper Convertible to the pool. Oh yeah -- This is a memory! Top down hands waving we follow behind. All I can say is "I want to ride in the cool car too." Riane thinks that perhaps I better concentrate on driving.

We arrive to what I thought would be the big wind down. Everyone's frayed nerves lash out and I end up with 3 of the tribe banished to the grass before we leave.

We got home at 7:00pm rustled showers and dinner and then... the head on the pillow... sweet. And Tuesday was done.


Benji & Amy said...

What a day!

Valerie said...

Okay now I am tired! Good-night!