The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stretching the Budget with Fake Money

Recently some tenants moved out of a rental house that we own. As most tenants will do, they left behind a few of their treasures. Like this awesome guitar:

Actually, I have always called it the kindling guitar -- 'cause it is really not good for anything but kindling!

This baby started a fire alright. Braydon was determined to learn guitar. He learned chords, built up calluses on his fingers and strummed this thing night after night. A string broke the first night and I would not replace it -- it did not deter him.

Seeing his determination to really play a guitar, we set out to buy a real one. Only to discover that we really ought to spend about $200 to get an acoustic worth learning to play on. Well, that is a little steep for us right now, having tenants that just left and all.

So we decided to use our fake money resources and get this job done. First of all, we have a credit card that gives us points when we buy things. For quite awhile, I used it for grocery shopping and just paid the card online when I got home. That way I didn't run up card debt, but kept earning points. We had enough points there to get $125 at 

My second source was a nifty little deal called Swag bucks. You sign up at their site and load their toolbar on your computer for your internet searching. There are other ways to earn points with them, but this is all I really do. As you normally surf the web you earn points. Every time I am up to 450 points I "buy" a $5 Amazon card. I had up some money saved up in this account. Which I ended up using to get some free printer ink and his new guitar stand (I didn't spend one cent on these items).

In the end we were able to get him this:

A nice little Yamaha. We also got the stand, a chromatic tuner and some picks -- total out of pocket $89!


If you want to earn some swagbucks with me just click here an sign up:

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