The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4H and VBS

This year Riane signed up to join the local 4H club. She is quite a seamstress and she thought this would give her some focus and be fun. She walked to all her meetings at the town hall and even became treasurer of her group. For her first ever fair judging she decided to sew a 1960's lined coat dress from a vintage pattern. WHEW! nothing like challenging yourself! I don't know yet what the judge thought, but I give it an A+.

Last week we had Vacation Bible School at our church. Our theme was the rainforest and it was a lot of fun. I have to let the secret out -- Braydon WAS Cameron the Chameleon:

The younger set loved him!

Wokelle and his cousin Joanne had a great time in their class:

I was a helper in Ricky's class:

The great leader of our 3rd and 4th set was Miss Carol. You can see her sitting in the back. She had everything organized - super crafts for all and everything timed out just right! I couldn't believe it -- I just showed up and smiled a lot.

Mary made new friends with the teen group and her class put on a puppet show on the last day.

Adela was in 5th and 6th this year and struggled a bit with kids she didn't really know, but in the end she had fun.

Riane helped out in the 1st and 2nd grade class and she loved those little guys more than she ever thought she would!

It was a busy and full week and, before I knew it, I found these little guys hiding out in my bed:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Country Livin'

Life in the country is always full of surprises and good work. We have been struggling with another varmint -- one we will not be willing to eat. A raccoon! He has been getting into our barn and sniffing out the barn cat's vittles. Unfortunately, he also leaves behind his "business" in the barn. Now, that is a smell I wish I had never experienced. Lately, he has been creeping around the garden and I do believe he is waiting for our tomatoes to ripen.

After consulting more experienced country friends we borrowed some of these:

A live trap. He was so scared and so cute.

Onto the next job.... we had an awesome harvest of potatoes.

So Jerome G. Canning master was on the job.

His set up is looking more professional every year:

Country livin'... one adventure after another.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adela is Eleven!

I can hardly believe it. The birthday season is in full swing. Adela joined our family when she was 2 1/2. We have had some rough years and times when I wasn't sure I was her the best Mommy.

But now we have days like this!

Some of our kids are all about the music, some are all about the sport, some love a good story ... but Adela.... She is all about the people!  She notices everybody and befriends and chats up anyone. One of her best friends is an older lady that lives down the street. One of her favorite things is visiting our local nursing home. She just loves people.

We had a great time celebrating her day. She usually asks for Pumpkin Pie and this year was no different. She just wants pie -- NO whipped cream.

She certainly loved the jewelry Grandma sent -- so grown up.

For her familiy fun time we headed to the Toledo Zoo.

Where the tribe rode the train:

Sat in a polar bear den:

Climbed on a gorilla:

And, well, these are just cute:

Happy Birthday Adelita Bonita...

Stretching the Budget with Fake Money

Recently some tenants moved out of a rental house that we own. As most tenants will do, they left behind a few of their treasures. Like this awesome guitar:

Actually, I have always called it the kindling guitar -- 'cause it is really not good for anything but kindling!

This baby started a fire alright. Braydon was determined to learn guitar. He learned chords, built up calluses on his fingers and strummed this thing night after night. A string broke the first night and I would not replace it -- it did not deter him.

Seeing his determination to really play a guitar, we set out to buy a real one. Only to discover that we really ought to spend about $200 to get an acoustic worth learning to play on. Well, that is a little steep for us right now, having tenants that just left and all.

So we decided to use our fake money resources and get this job done. First of all, we have a credit card that gives us points when we buy things. For quite awhile, I used it for grocery shopping and just paid the card online when I got home. That way I didn't run up card debt, but kept earning points. We had enough points there to get $125 at 

My second source was a nifty little deal called Swag bucks. You sign up at their site and load their toolbar on your computer for your internet searching. There are other ways to earn points with them, but this is all I really do. As you normally surf the web you earn points. Every time I am up to 450 points I "buy" a $5 Amazon card. I had up some money saved up in this account. Which I ended up using to get some free printer ink and his new guitar stand (I didn't spend one cent on these items).

In the end we were able to get him this:

A nice little Yamaha. We also got the stand, a chromatic tuner and some picks -- total out of pocket $89!


If you want to earn some swagbucks with me just click here an sign up:

Friday, July 9, 2010

That Pesky Varmint

Lately we have had one pesky varmint -- the rabbit. He hops around our yard and EATS our garden. We have children that own BB guns and have been to gun safety and hunter safety classes and these mighty men were at the ready to help their family.

When we got home from the grocery store yesterday evening -- there he was... and so were my boys. They got him! I dropped the groceries and ran. What a moment!

No time for pictures, I sent one to get that pocket guide from hunter class and one to get me the sharpest knife. We headed to the far edges of the yard and Mama learned how to dress and skin that rabbit for her boys.

The sweet spot:

Waiting up 'till midnight so share the moment with your Dad.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th

I am so glad the 4th fell on a Sunday. There is no better way to honor a country that was founded on Biblical principles than to head off to honor Him first. Church was fairly emotional as we began to ponder how much our country is turning from its Godly beginnings and how much we are needed to not ride on our faith, but stand for it by standing firmly on the Word of God.

After our service we headed over to Jerome's brother's house to have lunch with our family. What a great time to hold the baby and love on our niece.

We left our lunch to participate in a Fourth of July celebration at a nursing home. Our church is starting a nursing home ministry and it is headed up by a great lady. We have been scheduled to have an hour on the first Sunday of every month -- just so happens we got the 4th.

I do believe our time at the nursing home was the most worshipful experience I have had in a long time. I talked with a lady who struggled to put any language together and couldn't even tell me her name, but when we stood for the Star Spangled Banner I saw her looking around and I sprang forward and grabbed her hand. She sang all the words right to me - I sang them back. I held hands with a woman who told me "I have no real family left, this is my last home, I am going die here." She talked with me a long time and encouraged me over and over to "stick with it" every day with those kids. They will never forget these years -- keep teaching them the Bible and showing them Jesus -- "it won't leave them alone when they are older."

I watched my son pat the shoulders of little old ladies who missed their sons, and wrinkled hands grab the face of my youngest and cry and say "cute, cute". We sang hymns, we pledged to the flag, we prayed to our God and I left richer for having spent an hour with Wisdom and Grace.