The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, June 7, 2010

The REAL Family

After awhile, posting on the blog or writing the Christmas letter, things get to be a little too clean. So I decided to show a few pictures that represent our REAL family on vacation. Anyone who has ever sat with us for more than 5 minutes knows that we are just goofy.

This is really our dog, Dexter. He looks sort of lopsided and silly. I dropped him at our favorite kennel and when I picked him up the guy noted that Dexer is getting older, but is still playful. Then he said, "We tried 3 different kinds of food. He wouldn't eat anything, Deb, just his cookies. He didn't give up on his cookies." So I have a dog that spent a week surviving on depression and cookies.

Before we left on vacation Riane went on her 10 day retreat. She follows a special diet that cuts out all artificial colors and preservatives. She told us that on retreat they didn't have many options for her so she was stuck eating "box" food and "cafeteria" food. This expression pretty much sums up how she felt when she arrived at our house.

I did not tie my kid up. This is how he slept in the car. He had a couple of other interesting positions, but I didn't have my camera handy. How could this be comfortable?

I cut off the bottom of myself before I thought about writing the REAL family. Too bad. After hiking up an "easy" trail I was sweatin' baby. I spent a lot of my park time with my hair tucked up, sweat pouring down my face -- leanin' on a rock.

Hmmm.... I have no idea!

We had one day left in the Park and we asked the kids what they wanted to do, or if they would rather just go back to the condo. Some were tired, but Braydon wanted to make the drive to Newfound Gap -- the highest point and the line between TN and NC. The view was tremendous. Before we got to the Gap we pulled off for this shot. Everyone tumbled out of the car and some had been dead asleep. We call this the personality picture -- everyone's personality is on display.

We were hiking a trail and Jerome just ran up the side of rock -- cuz he can. The goofy part was -- I didn't get the picture. I made him do it again.

She was hot.

We never miss an opportunity to go to church. This old church from the 1800's had a piano in it. Riane asked to play, and since there was no sign saying you couldn't tinkle she went at it. It was very "plunky" and out of tune. I like the way everyone found their place. Some at the piano, some at the pulpit and some....
in the pew.

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Valerie said...

I love it...glad to know you are all human! Even your dog!