The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Groove

We have all been gettin' a new groove lately.

Riane has been particularly interested in learning to play the organ. We have prayed about it. We even saw one on the side of road (right after a rain), but when we went back, it was gone. A friend had a Relay for Life garage sale and it was there. An organ donated by a local music store that had gone out of business. Ours for a small donation to a good cause.

Our youngest nephew JP was visiting that day... he had a pretty good groove.

Every kid in the family has enjoyed our new organ.

On the 20th of June our youngest had his 5/6. Five years old biologically (in real life) and 6 years old on his legal paperwork.

His birthday is always emotional as I think about that scared little boy that arrived two years ago. His first morning he could hardly stand on his own power and kept falling asleep in the middle of the floor. His picture was on a brochure asking people to help for children like him.... Almost surreal ... look at him now!

These brothers are tight! Sometimes they get so mad, but they love other fiercely.

That pool Grandma sent is being put to good use.

June 20th was also Father's day and we did take a pause from the birthday to honor the leader of our tribe. All the kids had prepared something for him, but it turned so emotional I only really took 2 pictures. Jerome is always saying "I know I am tough, but I hope you know I love you." Adela had just given him a card that he couldn't read out loud -- that said "Daddy I know you love me."

Before long, Riane stood to give her gift. She had memorized the first chapter of John and began to recite.

That was the last picture taken that day.

Just two days later, our oldest turned 16. The boys gave her this fetching hat .. which I DO think is lovely, but I also believe really fit their budget.

I made a terrible mistake the day she was born..... I blinked!

Mary stepped out in a bold new groove..

And she is gorgeous!

We are on yet another vacation of sorts. Jerome's plant is on "shutdown" for the week, so he doesn't have to go to work. We have the kids off school and we are enjoying camp on our very own grounds:

Conveniently located -- the best part is that the chief cook and bottle washer (mama) sleeps in the lodge.

The tribe was hanging at the pool deck this morning (aka as the driveway) -- but it was a little chilly.

I have taken to calling it "Camp Find Something to Do". Mom and Dad are trying to work on things we don't ever seem to have enough time for like:

Our house.

And the never-ending planning and grading for school.

Part of our new groove is letting go of some old music styles and turning on more classical. Sometimes you just gotta dance!


SC said...

Wow -- what a beautiful entry! I had to get a tissue. What an amazing family you are and I'm so pleased I get to know you!! Love to all -- The Rizzos

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's just plain awesome! I'm so happy for you all. - Dean

Benji & Amy said...

I just love it! Beautiful words and feelings!

Richardson Family said...

Val-this is awesome! Have a great time Maima!
What is it about this boy anyway??

Richardson Family said...

OK, so I have no idea how that happened, anyway..Love your family, Happy birthday Rianne and Wokelle!

Valerie said...

This is great stuff. Finally getting caught up on reading all the blogs. Happy Birthday to all. Happy Father's Day to Jerome and Mary I think you look stunning!