The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, May 17, 2010

We have been BUSY!

We have been so busy that time to blog has been pretty low on my list. So, get a cup of coffee and sit back -- this might take a few minutes.

Braydon's team earned a second place at the Regional Bible Quiz in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

He was excited!

This was his first year to be involved with teen Bible quizzing and he loved it. This regional quiz involved a two night stay over with the team. He is so pumped he has already started studying for the next quiz year on the book of John. He is hoping to quiz so well he can earn his place on more traveling teams.

Getting Braydon back from quizzing and it was time for Mother's Day. My kids were so wonderful. They had been working for awhile. They would cover things up before I came downstairs and rope me into trips to the Dollar Tree.

On Mother's Day, Jerome delivered a cup of coffee to my bedside and told me that I couldn't come out until someone came for me. It took a LONG time. But here is what was going on:

The Grand Mother's Day Breakfast Buffet! It was a lot of food and it was delicious.

One of our new friends from church was able to come home from Iraq for two weeks. He is now back in Iraq and we are back to praying for him. Before he left we had a great cookout with the crew.

Before we could get our heads on straight, May 15th came upon us. Riane left for a young ladies retreat called Journey to the Heart. It is ten days "Where the Christian life becomes real. A journey to learn how to love God with all her heart, soul, mind and strength with no competing affections." We were so excited for her to take this trip. However, it is ten days and we are not talking with her every day -- she is getting alone with Lord.


Good Bye!

She's Gone.

Since we were in Dayton and Mary's birthday is coming up on Tuesday, we decided to take the family fun birthday trip that we do instead of presents. We found a nice park for a picnic lunch, walking, football and fishing.

Fishing with kids involves a lot of untangling.

On Sunday evening a group from our church went to see a dinner theater production of "Church Basement Ladies".  I was persuaded to go -- and it was a great evening. Jerome stayed home with our kids and a few more so some Moms could attend.

He kept the kids busy outside.

And after a good dinner and some play time in the basement -- they settled down for a movie and to wait for the moms to come home.

I look back over all of this activity and can't believe that it has only been 9 days! In between, Jerome has been updating our rental house with fresh paint and new floors, and he is teaching Sunday School and trying to keep everything working around here. Around the chaos, I have been teaching school and keeping everyone fed.

This is pretty much our pace until the end of May and then we are off for a week in the Smoky Mountains. A quiet time with the family to re-charge. I can't wait.

We almost forgot, but in the middle of it all, we passed a milestone.

Twenty three years.


Valerie said...

Wow a feast! Everyone in bed looks so cozy!

Richardson Family said...

Congrats on 23 years. What an awesome accomplishment. Wondering how things are going with TK?