The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MY Plans

Some days just don't turn out the way we plan them.

On Saturday my 3 lovely maidens and I headed out for a mother/daughter brunch at church.

The rain played on the windows as we ate a southern brunch and watched the local dance company perform.

Meanwhile, our men (who got up too early for anyone to dream of taking a picture), went fishing in a pouring down rainstorm.  Jerome discovered that he could not dance on a log and fell in the lake ... twice. A couple of hours later he pulled out his forgotten and now soggy cell phone.

All of which changed MY plan for Monday, since we now needed a new cell phone. I drove one hour to the closest store and waited. Have you ever noticed that cell phone stores are akin to a Dr.'s office? A nice lady greets you and asks your problem and then tells you to wait. At least this one served coffee.  Although MY plans were thwarted -- I came home with two new cell phones and basically no money out of pocket.

I remember glancing at all the rain we were getting and thinking, "This is probably the leftovers from that terrible flood in Tennessee." Ah, indeed. In fact the condo we had booked for a conference the first week of June was on the news with the Coast Guard in boats hauling people out of there. I called the condo line and asked about my week in June -- umm --sorry no guests, but we will give all your points back. Well, I still had no accommodations for the conference, since we are owners in the condo we do all business through points, which means if I stay somewhere else I have to come up with more money in the budget.

Away went MY plans for the next morning, as I gazed at a computer screen trying to find a points dealing condo within driving distance for that particular week so we could salvage a vacation. I called the condo line back and asked for help -- instead of 4 nights in a two bedroom for the conference, I ended up with six nights in a three bedroom in the Smoky Mountains.

For this week, I am kind of glad that MY plans did not turn out my way. Sometimes the plans we make for ourselves fall all apart and we aren't so happy with the results. Many times I have disappointed people, lost money or just ended up miserable because I pushed forward with MY plans.

In reality, plans are necessary -- we can't always fly by the seat of our pants. I am learning not to plan more carefully, but to plan more prayerfully and allow the Lord to change MY plans. It is hard, and I am slow. I am learning to be more malleable and look forward to whatever adventure God has planned for me.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

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