The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Friday, March 12, 2010


It took me over an hour to put a new picture and title on the blog. Why bother? Well, we have had the same tiny picture in the corner forever. A friend of ours snapped a picture of our whole family one night and it turned out! First of all, we can never remember to get the camera out when we all look decent -- and then who wants to set the silly thing up on a tripod and take 20 pictures to get one usuable one.

Oh, but no! One night after class she snaps ONE picture of us on her cell phone and it turns out decent. I snagged it off of her facebook page -- I can't believe it. (Yes, I am on facebook!)

I have really been thinking about how we (as Christians) are not of this world. Our hope is heaven. We are to walk through this world on our way HOME. I really wanted to reflect that in our blog title.  I just couldn't figure out the whole font thing.

Anyway, an hour later and here we are -- our recent picture and a proclamation to the world that indeed we are strange!

I am sure I could have found something better to do with my time.


SC said...

Love the picture!!
Sue Rizzo

Richardson Family said...

Love the new picture, everyone looks great!

coffeemom said...

Wow! How fun to meet you! Thanks for the comment on my blog. And I'm so glad you did. Now I have a new interesting blog to peruse... And one that clearly is w "like minds". Lovely family you got there!!!