The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 5 - the DC Adventure

Our last day in the big city.  Braydon's birthday (13!) is on the 17th. We always take our kids for a family-fun trip for their birthday. He opted to do some things while we were in DC.

Smithsonian Air and Space museum was showing a 3-D Imax on Space. Nothing looks cooler than those glasses. The kids said it was so neat and things were popping out at them.  I have to confess, for me it didn't look like more than a blurry movie. Maybe my eyes are catching up with my age. Afterwards, Braydon and I hit a simulator and that was a lot of fun. Happy Early Birthday!

Everyone was lagging a bit this day, so we just tried to hit some highlights at the Smithsonian before heading home.

Couldn't miss Dorothy's shoes. We also walked through an awesome Lincoln exhibit.

On the way back to the metro we had a great view of the Washington Monument.

Back to the condo we went for a little rest. We when we were in the unit we spent a lot of time using the Bop-It.

Even Mom gets into that one!

In the evening we had the longed-for pleasure of meeting up with the Richardson Family. They also adopted from Liberia and I considered Sue the ambassador to my kids. When she and Scott traveled to pick up their children they were the first to meet and send us pictures of our kids Mary and Wokelle. What a pleasure to meet the Mom that met my kids first. What a fun family!

Hey, little girl can I share your DS?

Wokelle and Annie are close in age and as cute as can be. The DS's were great ice breakers.

Wokelle and Eman, meeting up again a world away. Two improverished little Africans with a new outlook on life.

Gettin' to know you...

The girls Mary, Adela and Abegail having a good gabfest.

These two girls were the best of friends by the end of the evening.

Sue and Scott -- what great people. Scott had to work late, but was brave enough to meet up with us. From the Rukus in our room he didn't even have to ask for a room number!

The moms talked a lot of shop in the background. I love Sue so much! I wish we lived close enough to have coffee once a week, but I guess e-mail and bloggin' will have to do. It was really a great evening and a highlight of the trip for me. She also writes a great blog on her adventures in life. Before she left we promised to link to each other on our blogs (OK -- my geek moment!) You can read hers right here.

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Richardson Family said...

I hope this means you are home safe and sound. We loved meeting you!