The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 3 - the DC Adventure

First of all, NO CAMERAS ALLOWED. We have no pictures. To book tours at The White House you need to go through your state representatives office. At first, we were told no tours were available and then our contact called us back and we were in at 9:00am. The White House basically allows nothing. No purses, no backpacks, no cameras.... And they don't provide storage for you. So we had some wallets and a cell phone in our pockets and that was it.

The tour was at 9:00am which means the tribe had to hit the front door at 7:30am. We made it in plenty of time. The White House Tour was something everyone said they enjoyed.

We had a couple of hours before our scheduled Capitol tour began. We started walking. We got a bit turned around, but hey, we spotted a Starbucks! You have to understand how important that is to us. Jerome and I are big coffee drinkers and there is NO NO NO Starbucks anywhere close to our home. It is a "vacation treat only". We went in, and since it is vacation we decided the kids should have a "vacation treat only". We bought them each a donut. When I placed my order the ladies eyes kind of bugged out. "SIX!"

"Yes, Ma'am. Six."

I do need to lose some weight, but six probably looked like a lot for even me. I am pretty sure they don't get that order too often. I did explain that I was buying them for my children.

OOOH. The kids were so excited! We walked and enjoyed our fortunate find.

We were still a bit lost, but finally arrived at the Capitol. The staff person from our representatives office met us there and Wow! it was an awesome tour. First of all, since we contacted our rep., we had tour group of the tribe only. During our conversations we found out that she is a Christian and she explained some religious significance of things in the capitol. We also found out that she had taught school 12 years in Guam and knew some folks from Yap Island (Jerome's home).  Again the capitol tour was very memorable.

We arrived home in time to have a pizza party with our good friends.

It was a great day, but my dogs were barkin' when I went to bed.

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