The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2 - the DC Adventure

Today was a very successful day. We got out of the condo late, but still got around to quite a few things. Riding the metro seems to be great entertainment for our group!

Waiting in the morning.  It has been quite an education. We have learned how to purchase fare cards, use them and get where we are going.

We stopped first at the Smithsonian Castle. On our way we got a good view of the Capitol Building.

The castle was very pretty and a good introduction to the Smithsonian.

We didn't have a lot of time because we had a scheduled tour in the afternoon.  We started off looking at African Art. We left that museum a little sad. The art was beautiful in form and technique, and I noticed that a lot was dated from the 1800's. A time when Christians considered Africa the dark continent. There was a lot of spirit worship and many God's mentioned. It was sad to man without God depicted in their art. We really enjoyed the American History museum and may return again. The kids now understand what it took to do laundry in the 1700's -- they really like our washing machine!

Soon we were off to the Pentagon. This tour was definitely the highlight of today. The tour guides are very well versed and they walk backwards the entire tour while talking to you. It is a requirement of their job and our guide told us he had to learn it within 2 weeks. Amazing! There is a memorial to September 11th and that was quite moving also. We did see a few briefings:

I always like to notice the little things that I would never do at home when I am on vacation. For instance, when we visited Yap Island 3 years ago, I loved hanging my laundry with a view of the Ocean, or chasing the baby pig out of the house while I cooked dinner. My little moment today was walking to Starbucks. I ran out by myself and walked the red bricked sidewalks of Old Town Alexandria -- just around the corner. There I was with folks in their wool pea coats and Ann Taylor Shopping bags grabbing my Starbucks. At home it is me and some folks with Cleveland Browns coats on carrying Walmart bags running into the McDonalds. I wouldn't trade my Podunk life for anything, but it was my little moment.


Richardson Family said...

so glad you guys are fun, we are anxious to see you in two days.
I have a new cell number for work, 571-405-0800. I will call you Friday to set up a time.

The Googeg's said...

You know we can't wait! Left you message.