The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Week 2009

This week was so much fun!

We had the first real snow.

We also took a trip to the live Nativity at the Creation Museum -- it was cold, but AWESOME.

Before I knew it, it was time to start preparations for the annual cheesecake delivery.

Christmas Eve arrived and the cakes were ready to go.

The tribe was ready to deliver.

That being done, we had a lovely evening church service, and were ready for bed and Christmas the next day. This is one of the first times in a long time the kids were quite this excited. I could hear their little footsteps from 3:00am on. At 5:30am we finally (!!) roused to open gifts. Since I had all the packages numerically coded, no one knew which gift was his until the big day when I had put real name tags on. It was so fun!

At the very end there was one package marked "Open Last, and Open Card First."  The card had a clue that had to be solved before the package could be opened.  The clue:  Name the pronoun that is first person plural nominative case. What else could it be -- WE. Which means -- we got a Wii!!!!

They never expected it. In this picture Braydon was totally shocked and kept saying "Seriously? You got us a Wii? Seriously."

We had told them that this would be a much smaller Christmas ... and it was, but I had gotten a good deal a few months before and really worked that budget.  It has been a lot of fun for us all so far.

Well, we still had several hours to go, but in the afternoon our family and one other guest headed over for Christmas dinner.  Jerome and I got busy cooking. In between Riane and Jerome had a running contest with this litttle toy:

I lost track of who won this little contest.

Opening presents after dinner was delightful.

Josiah was just as cute as can be:

And, of course, Ayin is holding our reminder of the real reason for celebrating:

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Richardson Family said...

Hey, we got a Wii too...our kids were also quite surprised. Hoping its a good distraction for them.
So glad you had a great day.