The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Losing the Flow

Yesterday afternoon the water began to trickle. I noticed it when I was washing up some things at the kitchen sink. We couldn't even get the pitcher for drinking water filled from the reverse osmosis tap. I checked outside where Ricky was washing a couple of screens for me and he said "Oh yeah, the water kind of stopped in the middle, but I did the best I could."

Oh dear. We have our own well and septic I knew I had a problem. I first checked the fuse boxes. No electric to the pump -- then no water. Fuse boxes were just fine. Uh Oh.

Of course, Jerome was at work. I made a quick call and he sent me crawling around the equipment room, unplugging, re-plugging, twisting things. The pump was shot. Then he gave me specs and told me to go buy a pump and when he got home from work around midnight he would install the new pump and we would have water.

OKAY. That left me with six kids, a sink now full of dinner dishes and no running water. Not even a flushable toilet. I had bottled water in the garage for drinking and last week I had bought some hand sanitizer.

Telling children the toilets are out makes them all have to go. A lot.

We had to drop Braydon at church for a quiz practice, so we used the bathrooms and washed our hands. We had to go to Lowe's and buy the new pump -- and use the bathrooms and wash our hands. We had to go back and pick up Braydon, and use the bathrooms and wash our hands. As soon as we got home -- the kids needed to go potty. Is that even possible?

Anyway, it was time for bed and we had made it through. Jerome arrived and... one piece that was needed had to be purchased separately. No water until some time the next day. Since he had rushed home from work to get the pump going, he didn't shower at work. He couldn't shower at home, so he slept on the floor to keep our bed clean -- what a guy!

After family devotions he went right out and bought the part. By lunch today, we were back in the flow.

I was frustrated with our lack of running water and what I felt was a total lack of cleanliness. However, I wondered what it would really be like to live in some parts of the world, where running water is a true luxury.  I am really feeling blessed to be living in the flow.

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