The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Has Arrived

The leaves are changing and Fall has really arrived at our house.

Jerome had the kids out this morning tearing the last of the plants out of our garden.

We had to can the more tomatoes today. We even canned some green ones, because we have heard that you can make a green tomato relish. We did not have time to make and try the relish before canning, so we just canned some green ones, hoping to try the relish later. It is just an experiment.

The boys always love to work with their dad.

Braydon and Ricky went right after the peeling of the tomatoes.

I was on the inside job and had everything at 180 Degrees. I can not seem to the get my girls as excited about all this stuff.  The younger ones were off to the creek on an adventure and Riane:

Reading Cryano and copying poetry!

At the end of the canning day, after dinner, I had promised the girls a tea party. Adela and Mary were so excited they ran to put on dresses and made place cards and prizes!  I didn't have the heart to dress all up, but I did take off my apron and manage to squeeze a batch of cookies in during canning time.

The maidens were lovely.

It really was a lot of fun. We even had Mozart on in the background.

As classy as we were trying to be we just can't totally get country out of us.  Not one of wore shoes. After we started, I notice the list of rules on the table.

As exhaustive as that list of rules may be -- I could have added a few like:  Do not drink tea with your spoon, set your cup back on the saucer. When we are wrapping up the party, you might not want to snatch the creamer and start downing the milk. Oh, and, patting your tummy and saying "I am all tea'd up!" might not go either.

Of course, as cute as the girls were, they did not fall from this bumpkin tree.  Here I am doing the mom check:

"There's what? on my shirt?"

Oh well, Russian Tea Room may not be for us!

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