The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jerome G. Canning Master

Every year we have found something new to learn. Last year was the year of the chickens.

We learned how to raise them, how to slaughter them and we had no trouble eating them.

This year our garden exploded.

Jerome was the gardener, we were the weeders and pickers. So, all that garden food we had to learn something new.  How to can. Together Jerome and I learned a few things and we got this done:

We did it all in the house and on my flat topped stove it wasn't the best set up. Jerome talked to some guys at work. Not to digress too much here, but for a bunch of macho guys working on maintenance at a car engine plant, they swap a lot of recipes!

Anyway, he bought a fish fryer and got an awesome set up going in the garage.

Jerome G. Canning Master on the job!

The sauce looked good too.

Life is just never boring.


Becka said...

We starting raising chickens for the Delaware County Fair in Ohio. I thought I would be able to slaguther them with no problem but wimped out at the real deal. Thankfully my husband had no qualms about it. We just skinned the chickens since it was easier than plucking. We eat the chickens will no problems but we definietly have beef on slaughter day!!!

The Googeg's said...


We made a homemade plucker - which worked really great. Before that my husband actually used an air compressor to remove the skin and feathers together for skinless chickens - when we only had one or two to do. Sounds wierd, but it worked great. Although, the plucker is the one we used for our larger flock.


Richardson Family said...

Holy Cow, it's like your own compound! Great work! Can't wait to see you all in a few months.

The Googeg's said...

"Our own compound" that's funny! We are raising the tribe.

Becka said...

Did you ever calculate to see if raising chickens saved you any money? Our meat chickens were about the same cost as the store but we lost on eggs. When we compared quality we thought the meat was about the same as the store but our eggs were definitely better.
Do you guys show at the county fair with 4-H?

The Googeg's said...

Becka -

We have never shown or been involved in 4-H. My husband did figure out the cost of all of our chickens and with feed and such, our "home" chickens were more expensive than chickens we could have bought at the store. We thought the quality of meat was better though.

We never tried raising for eggs. This year my freezer is so full we couldn't manage a chicken flock -- maybe we will get another freezer some day!

Rnemec said...

It was funny at slaughter time because all my American kids went to the house and were no where to be seen. My two Liberian kids were with us the whole time helping. It did not bother them at all.