The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Hunters

It is just after 6:0oam and I kissed my two oldest goodbye as they headed out the door to their Hunter Safety Class. Braydon has a little BB gun and enjoys shooting cans and targets occasionally, but I am a bit surprised by Riane's interest.

Several months ago ,Braydon had the opportunity to shoot at a gun club with Jerome, a friend and his Dad. We were all amazed at how well he could shoot. He's a natural. On Ricky's birthday our friend took Riane and Braydon off to target shoot with some of his guns. Turns out Riane has the same ability. Not only that, but they both absolutely loved it. Our friend teaches the hunter safety class and has offered to let them use some of his guns, since Braydon's little BB gun is all we have. They are off to spend the day learning how to handle guns properly and take a test. If they pass with 80% or better, they could obtain hunting licenses.

I don't know how other people prepare for this course, but Jerome and I have spent the last couple of weeks, telling them to calm down a little. They have pored over the workbook given to them. They answered every question in the chapter review section and even made index cards for important terms. They walked around quoting safety rules and throwing around terms like "bolt action". Braydon set his alarm and got up at 4:00am to finish studying. I am pretty confident that they will pass the test if they don't fall asleep.

I didn't see this turn of events for our kids, but it is pretty wonderful how all the details have fallen together to allow them to have an opportunity we would not normally have been able to provide for them. What I am learning is that it is important to let other people sow into the lives of our kids. Because of friends or family members, Riane has learned to sew, they are learning to shoot and hunt, and they have been scuba diving off Yap Island. Riane has even earned summer money at the Farmer's market because I have friends that sell there every weekend and they helped set her up. As a parent, I want to pass things to my children, but I can't know everything and it is amazing to watch how God meets their needs and develops their interests by bringing people into their lives. What makes it sweeter is most of these folks know Jesus and can talk to my kids about their interest and reflect the love of the Lord in their life at the same time.

I pray that they will grow to understand that part of learning is studying, but a whole lot more can be learned by seeking out others and allowing them to teach out of their life experiences. Even Riane was surprised that she found shooting and hunting interesting. What she learned is that sometimes you have to step outside your box of expectation and see what happens.

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