The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Picture Round up

We have been having so much activity lately, that my blog has been neglected. We have finally made a decision on our new church home. We settled on First Baptist Church in Sidney. The church we often used to refer to as our "old" church. We started going there when Riane was 18 months old. I was baptised there, four of my children were dedicated there. I can remember sitting in the pew with Riane on one knee and Braydon balanced on the other and telling someone, "See I can't have anymore my lap is full." Well, I am going back "home" with my lap overflowing -- praise God.

We took a trip to the Creation museum, a trip to a holiness meeting, a missionary visit, Bible School and Ricky's Birthday. Here's some pictures from Bible School and the birthday to catch us up.

Vacation Bible School was at the Sidney church. A Bible School all about the Bible was a great time.

Keep an eye on your brother...

Be nice to yoru sister when you are in the same class.

Get a little goofy when the fish comes to you....
And never forget to bring your offering...

We went to our friends house for Ricky's birthday. The "K's" were awesome and even gave us a disposable camera when we forgot ours.
Here's the crew at the end of a big day.

They all caught fish -- A LOT of fish.

The paddle boat was grand.

See, even Riane snagged 'em in.

Allright birthday boy.

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