The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, July 27, 2009


I haven't updated my blog in forever, because the summer whirlwind hit and I hardly know where we are. Last week we went back to our previous church for the Vacation Bible School week. It is a week that leaves me feeling a bit worn, as we visit old friends and drive 30 minutes back and forth every night. We left that church because we moved away and we didn't want the drive to hamper our ability to participate. We try to return every year for Bible School and it is always a treat.

This week is our Nazarene District Campmeeting. That is our current church and campmeeting doesn't mean that everyone is camping. The week is scheduled at our district campgrounds, which are very close to us. Some folks have cottages or do camp. There are services held twice a day and three times on Sunday. The kids under 12 have activities arranged for them. The purpose is to revive the church. We love going and this year has been another great year.

Driving back and forth to VBS every night and now campmeeting twice a day is not doing wonders for my organization. I almost couldn't find a check I needed to deposit today and I plumb forgot to take the one load of clothes I actually washed off the line. It is a bit crazy here, but everyone got fed and everyone got a bath -- I guess that is a successful day.

We are also dealing with other big issues as we felt strongly led to leave our church. We were not angry with anyone or upset about anything specific, we just knew it was time for our family to step out -- that being said we have yet to have a clear leading on where exactly we should go. This has been a time of soul searching , much prayer and many conversations. At this moment we are "homeless", so to speak.

God is faithful and where He leads us we will follow...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alpacas, Zoos, Roofs and a Birthday

The last couple of weeks have been full and busy... hence no time to update the blog.

We had some good friends that were going out of town for a couple of days and they asked Riane and Mary to take care of their animals. They have quite a lot, so one day I came by with the younger kids to see the farm. The girls always rode their bikes (3 miles each way) and did all the chores which included taking care of Alpacas, bottle feeding kitties, and walking the dog. What a time!

Riane taking the dog out.

Mary working on the Alpacas.

The baby alpaca needed supplemental bottle feeding.

These little kitties mama died, so Mary bottle fed them every day. It was her favorite job.

Braydon tried to make friends.

Ricky holding one of the barn cats.

Oh MY! is it possible this little girl....

Turned 10!

We took the family to the Toledo Zoo to celebrate -- and DAIRY QUEEN. We loosely follow the Feingold Diet and hardly ever eat at a place like Dairy Queen. She is always talking about it. So, we mapped one out and found it after our trip to the zoo. Everyone said it was worth it.

Sorry, no pictures from DQ, but the zoo was awesome.

When we got home Adela had her favorite, pumpkin pie.

She opened her presents from Grandma. She received cookbooks and such -- her favorite things.

Just in case you wonder if she liked them -- she did and so did all the other kids. They immediately sat down and began to tell her things they might like her to try cooking. That very night Adela and Braydon teamed up to make our whole dinner (and it was fabulous). Braydon must be a hoot to cook with!

For those of you following our ongoing roof stores -- I only have one more thing to say....


Friday, July 3, 2009

More Roof Stories

Maybe y'all are getting about as sick of our roof as we are -- however, that is what we have been doing this week, so I am going to tell some more roof stories.

The work has been slowing down for those of us on the support staff. It is non-stop for Jerome. He takes his share of Ibuprofen.

His brother has been coming over to help when he can.

Yesterday evening their whole fam got to visit. Joanne is such a sweetie.

The younger kids help haul a lot to the dumpster.

Yesterday, the one part of the roof left to strip was steep. We were very nervous, but let the kids who were secure and wanted to work up on the roof. My whole job was "Mama Watch".

They did a great job -- what pros!

Today, Jerome was catching a nap under our favorite tree.
Wait --- what is that goofy bump on his back?

Wokelle joined Dad inside his shirt!

How many boys can actually fit in there?

Needless to say, the nap didn't happen here!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Family That Works Together

So far we have been managing to keep it all going this week.

The roof is coming along.

Jerome's brother comes every evening and the neighbor lent us a nail gun when Jerome's went out.

We are staying up on the laundry:

The garden is getting worked on:

Now if we can just keep that old dog out of the field!