The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nursing Homes and Roofs

We have had quite a busy couple of days. On Saturday we started a new outreach ministry. Jerome has started working a little bit with the teen group at our church. He wanted to start a service project and contacted a local nursing home. They suggested we come every couple of weeks and run an hour long bingo game for a few of the residents. On our first day, most of the teens were unable to attend, but our family went to get it started. It was a really fun time. We all talked with some of the people and learned something about each person -- even if it was only their name. Adela and Riane had quite a table full.

Braydon was trying to get along with this gentlemen, but he was hard of hearing and Braydon is not a loud talker!

Mary and Wokelle were learning bingo and they had a lovely lady at their table, but she left early with a family member.

On Sunday evening we had the teen group at our house for a cookout. I think it went well -- little harder to tell with this age group. They ate and played volleyball -- we did not take pictures that night.

Jerome has a two week shut down at work and this is the time he designated for fixing a portion of our roof. The steepest part was fixed some time ago because a mighty wind damaged it and the insurance company paid for it (see post here) This section of the roof needs to be replaced, but we have to do it ourselves. Jerome decided to make it a family project.
Here's our roofing team hard at work.

The head boss. He knows what to do and how to do it.

I am not the most graceful person on my feet -- so I stayed off the roof, but spent a lot of time hauling shingles to the dumpster.
Not my most attractive day I will say. At the end of working hard all day I looked at Jerome and said: "I stink and I'm ugly!"
To which he said: "You look good to me."
Everybody had work to do. Even little Wokelle. Jerome got him a little magnet tool. He rolled it around and picked up all the nails that fell. This was very important, we still ended up with a few in our shoes.

In the heat of the day we instructed everyone to stay out of the sun or inside until 3:00pm. Some of us chose to hang out under the tree.

It was a long day -- even longer for Jerome -- he was out well past dark. We worked very hard and the kids were very happy. Children with purpose are happy children.
While I fixed dinner Mary wandered in the house and fell-out on the living room floor. She roused for dinner and a good game of hide and seek before bed.

Today is more overcast and cool. The job Jerome is working on today is best done alone. We all feel a bit lost with out important work to do, but we are amazed at his ability and stamina.
He soldiers on...

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