The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, June 15, 2009

A New Camera Battery

Today Jerome picked up a new battery for our digital camera -- so the picture fun begins again.

Mary has been home from Liberia, Africa a little over a year now. When we first accepted a referral for two children and I found out I was having a girl, hair was big on my mind. Yes, I was concerned about adding new children to my family, addressing adoption issues, working through paperwork, but still HAIR! In Liberia a girl's hair is always braided -- well braided, small and tightly braided.

I grew up with a mom who had three brothers. I have two brothers. I had my hair permed and in later years grew it long and stuck a headband in it. I was seriously freaked about hair. When Mary arrived I tried everything I had learned and sometimes I felt sorry for her to have to go around in the hair mess I had created.

It has taken a year, a couple of you-tube videos, lots of hair grease, some books and many hours of poor Mary sitting in a chair and I finally achieved this:
Maybe nothing all that great to someone with experience, but this is a picture of over 12 months of trying to teach an old dog new tricks. It lasted 2 weeks, even through swimming. I told her I would take a picture, because I wasn't sure I would do it again. I started by thinking a row of beads at the back would be pretty. I added a couple rows a day for about 3 or 4 days to finish this hair.

It was the last picture I got off on the camera before the battery died.

Today I was playing with the new battery and got a nice picture of Jerome:

And our beloved Dexter:

Creativity in the children is something wonderful, but something I sometimes shake my head at. In our backyard we have this:

The children took a rope and some scraps of wood to do this instead:
I guess we could call this "good group dynamic and imaginative play skills."

Braydon is always trying to get me to catch a picture of him flying through the air off of some toy or another. I finally got him flying off the swings.

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