The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Big Weekend

This past weekend was Wokelle's birthday (June 20) and Riane's birthday (June 22) -- the oldest and the youngest. Instead of presents this year we have been taking the kids on short family trips that involve everyone. The kids make cards for each other, or sometimes find a little gift. Grandma always sends a present, so the kids get something to unwrap. We traditionally give each kid a card that plays some kind of music.

Since this time involved two birthdays we decided to take a trip to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, camp one night in our tent and go to the Cincinnati zoo the next day. We stopped off at Plato's Closet for Riane. It is a teen re-sale clothing shop and she just LOVES to go there.

Now, we are not seasoned campers. Years ago, when I had only 2 little ones we rented a tipi at a local lake. Other than that, we stick to our backyard. So this was an adventure for sure. Eight people, enough food that we would never have to eat out and one SUV.

We were packed to the gills. It worked out well. We were able to bless another camping family with a loaf of banana bread and we did not eat out the whole weekend. Other than a box of fried chicken from the grocery store to eat when we arrived back at our house. What a money saver.

I didn't take any pictures at the Creation Museum. Probably because I was suffering from yet another migraine. It was fabulous like always. We were so excited to find out Ken Ham was speaking that day - it was a great presentation. Mostly covering ideas from the new book "Already Gone".

After the museum we traveled on into Kentucky to a small Christian camp ground. They put our spot right next to Tipi village. How great was that.

We set up camp and got the fire going.

Afterwards, we enjoyed Wokelle's cake time:

When we bedded down for the night we were awakened by a rainstorm complete with thunder and lightning. It didn't bother us much we snuggled into the sleeping bags and went back to sleep. Except for Riane who really isn't a camp girl at heart and wasn't really feelin' it all....

She perked up after awhile and had some fun.

The next day we packed up camp and after a great shopping experience for Riane we headed off to the zoo.

We were all goofing around and enjoying each other so much!

OOPS! We woke up those sleeping lions and he let us know what he thought about that!

It was a great day at the zoo.

When we got home, Wokelle got to open his gift from Grandma. Oh yeah, he LOVES the Walkman. But now he is always yelling at us.

Riane's official day was Monday and she made her own cake. Angel food with chocolate whipped cream icing. What a thing of beauty.

She had a few more candles than Wokelle -- 15! Wokelle turned 4/5 (4 in real life and 5 on his birth certificate - confused? read this post here).

Her present from Grandma was more piano books. She absolutely loves them and we enjoy listening to them too.

I am tacking this picture on the end because it is so funny -- I call it BUSTED!

Wokelle's chore each day is to go around the house and empty the small trash cans. While in the bathroom that Riane uses he decided to look in her makeup bag. Luckily he didn't open the foundation container, but there was some on the outside and the evidence of his curiosity was showing.

"Wokelle, have you been messing in something you shouldn't?"


"Really? Why don't I take a picture of you."

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