The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Good Friday

We have had to make a lot of decisions about how to spend our summer. Jerome's work has given him quite a bit of time off over the summer. A nice conundrum. He is home more -- but he is earning less. We have already decided to cancel our normal vacation trip to the home school conference. This is usually our big vacation. However, we have all this time with Jerome at home. Our decision has been to try to find inexpensive ways to enjoy our family. We will still spend money, but far less than our traditional vacation.

This Friday Jerome had the day off. A long weekend and our first opportunity to get the kids excited about our "new" recession era summer. It didn't start off too well. Jerome was so sick Thursday he had to take the day off work and stayed in bed all day. Wokelle wasn't feeling well that day and Ricky started in the afternoon. Everyone rallied for Friday, though.

We drove to Cincinnati and visited the Taft Education Center. This was a great time and completely free! During our school we have a "President of the day" time. I read a little card about each president and we try to name them up to the day we are on. So, I read Taft's card before we left. We watched a short movie about the president and then we were given a guided tour of his boyhood home. It was great fun.

Then we headed across Cincinnati to Plato's Closet and Once Upon a Child. My favorite re-sale shops -- but only found in big cities I don't get to often. This was not the most fun for 5 of my kids, but a necessary thing for preparing the kids closets for summer. I found a lot of great stuff and so did Riane. We had a lovely late lunch at Arby's and headed homeward. We stopped at our favorite McDonalds Playland (again, far from home and a rare visit). Mom and Dad enjoyed their favorite coffee and the kids ran around like crazy. (SHHH don't tell -- but Riane is over 12 and still played on the equipment).

We got home had a bucket of chicken for dinner and watched a movie -- staying up late!

It was a "good" good Friday.

P.S. Toted my camera around all day and forgot to take even ONE picture!

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